Some silliness to get us through the midweek.

I saw this done on Run Fat Chick Run! (again wish I knew how to be a techie and make it so you can click on her blog.) and thought it was hilarious. Apparently it is a common thing to do on blogs. The idea is that you look at the searches that people have entered that led them to your blog and talk about some of the more unusual ones. Here are Scalematters more interesting ones…..

  • Skinny Teenagers
  • Long Toed Freak
  • Willy Wonka flavor changing gum
  • Favourite colour knickers poll
  • What is sassafrassin?

Makes sense to me that those searches would lead to our little blog here.

If you were looking for skinny teenagers, I hope you are not a perv. If you are, it serves you right that you were led to a site full of overweight women a couple of which have stretch marks from having their skinny teenagers!

If you were looking for long toed freaks, well again hopefully it isn’t for some fetish. If it is I suppose AB’s toes are a dream come true. LOL!

Willy Wonka flavor changing gum- not sure how you got here, but hey, while we are on the subject……Do you prefer the original Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp? I am a little torn. While I found the latest version not as awesome as the original, I do find myself quoting parts from it. I often wake my teens up by standing in their doorway and yelling, “Good Morning Starshine, the Earth says Hello!” Did you know that line is actually lyrics from a song in the Broadway show Hair?

If you were searching for a favourite colour knickers poll, I am guessing from the spelling and wording that you are British. I am also pretty sure that none of our bloggers have held this poll. If I had to answer though, I am partial to nude. Skin color. It is the least likely color to show through t-shirts and heaven forbid should there be a slip, it won’t draw the eye to your backside when bending over like hot pink will.

If you were looking for “What is sassafrassin?” Let this southern gal tell you that sassafras is a tree. (Sassafras albidum) It’s bark was used to make root beer. The dried leaves are sometimes used in gumbo. The largest sassafras tree is in Kentucky and has a circumference of 21 ft. As to the ‘frassin part, you got me.

This got me thinking about some odd things that I have run through my head. Let’s add some new key words that will bring some new searches just for giggles.

  • Astronaut diapers

Remember that spacey love triangle between 3 astronauts where one woman drove from like Louisiana to Florida to kill the second woman while wearing a diaper so she wouldn’t have to stop? It apparently was a diaper that the astronauts wear when they go into space. Do you think they are specially designed by NASA scientists for space travel or do they just buy a package of Depends and change the label to “Government Issued?”

That thought led me to this one……

  • Diapers for motorcyclist

Do bikers wear Depends? They can travel for loooooonnnnnggggg distances in the Summer. Going from rally to rally. Who wants to be the guy that tells the rest of the gang, “I gotta take a pee break?” Then many of the motorcyclist are older. When you get older, let’s face it our bladders are not as young either. Stop every couple of hours or wear a diaper. Do you think Harley Davidson has branded a line of adult biker diapers? Hmmmmmm, business opportunity? I think so!

There you have it. Whatever search brought you here, perhaps you stay a while and relate to our journey. Perhaps even feel a little motivated.

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