Let me admit that when I read AB’s post I got a little defensive. “What am I? Chopped Liver?” Maybe, my thighs jiggle like they are, but still. I have done my best to post faithful for the whole 2 of you that read my posts. (Sarcastic, but I am a numbers gal and have seen the statistics. Not winning any records for followers.) There are certainly times when I think, this week for example, “Why bother? No one is reading my stuff.” I have begged asked for some updates in the past. Just something to know I am not alone is very motivational.

I read the latest post on my phone while trying to make sure my teenage driver doesn’t kills us all in a horrific car accident and playing hide-and-seek with my 2-year-old in the back seat who is convinced that  her hands covering her face is the best camouflage and listening to the latest dino facts my 4-year-old has learned while feigning interest. It is too hard for this less than tech savvy gal to reply on my phone, so I stewed over my feeling slighted while at the gym. If it is one thing treadmills are good for, it’s for thinking.

I haven’t been the best at commenting back. Rather than doing this journey together it has been more like we are on parallel lines. Friendship should be more intersecting. I went through all my excuses. I think of comments I want to make when reading from my phone and tell myself that I will post them as soon as I get to my computer. Then the distractions set in and soon the time has gone by and I worry if it is too late to say something. So I don’t. I have never really had close friends and have never done the proper rituals. Then it is very funny that I am on here. I have never met you AB. I only know you through your sweet hubby and the friendship we have has never been “official.” I think I give myself a pass because of it. “She doesn’t expect me to respond, we’re not “real” friends.”

It’s all excuses!! You and the other ladies have been my inspiration to not give up. There is no excuse for not being a cheerleader to those who have kept me going. So what if we have never been in the same room? Thanks to social media, I certainly know a whole heck of a lot about you. Possibly more than the ladies that are in my physical life. I get no pass!

I am sorry! What a hypocrite I have been, begging asking for our long-lost comrades yet not nurturing the one that is still here. Struggling right along with me. I only have awesomeness because of your encouragement. My awesomeness has certainly waned this week, by the way. Too many carbs, vanilla ice cream, and a +1lb on the scale. For lunch, I ate 4-FOUR pieces of pizza. Big ole FAIL for this holiday weekend already!

I have another post planned for tomorrow. The long-awaited play by-play of the race. Again for all 2 of you. (Little more sarcasm) I just needed you to know, Miss AB, that you are so not alone!! I do not understand why all mirrors and window reflections outside of my head insist on showing me what is not the way I am so sure that I look like. Did they not get the memo? I have lost weight, I should look awesome. Nothing like leaving the house thinking that you are looking cute, maybe even a little, dare I say, sexy, perhaps a little skinny and then seeing yourself in the glass sliding doors of the store and wondering who that slug is!

I know as mothers we have sarcasm in our daily lives and that your post certainly had some. I also know that often there is hurt underlying it or disappointment. You are special! You are fantabulous! You will reach your goals! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Believe in yourself.
Believe in your ability.
You are a powerful person.
You can and will achieve your goals… when you believe… I believe in you!

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  1. I am guilty of just reading the emails I get of your posts. I don’t think that would show in the statistics so maybe look at how many followers that we have and think about all those people that read your story in their email? I’m sorry, I shall be better about commenting, not just posting.

  2. Kris, you are awesome and you are NOT chopped liver! I was honestly trying to motivate our bloggy friends to post something. It’s been a while since someone besides you or I has posted. I am just happy everyone is here. Blogging is really helping me to be accountable and motivating me to stick to my goals. I want that for all my friends who decided to blog with us!

    I’m sorry if you felt less important. You are not! And we are friends!!! Someday we’ll be in the same room together…and in a smaller size. It will be a meeting/reunion for the record books!

    I love you. Don’t beat yourself up about the pizza. “Tomorrow is another day!” as Scarlet would say.

  3. I know AB, but I was convicted by your post and I do need to do better. You have to give as good as you get and I haven’t. Yes my first reaction was “Hey?!?” but I got over it and knew it was directed elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean that I am any less guilty. I hope to see some long lost posters soon, but if not at least you know that I have got all the same crap going on. And I am sure there are many others hating their reflections as well!
    Listen to your own advice, “Tomorrow is another day!”

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