Has it really been that long?

I missed my first post last week and was in danger of missing another.

I have been among the walking dead. Ear infection(double), sinus infection, cough, vomiting……The color of my snot has been a lovely topic of conversation. Gotta love being married to a medical person.

I am pretty sure the anatomy books are wrong about how many lungs we have because I have hacked up more than 2 this week! I am so ready to sleep through the night. I am sure my husband would like to not be awoken by “Typhoid Mary” all night long as well!

Reading AB’s post I realized I as well have not worked out for 10 days just for different reasons. The illness came on before last weekend and just hangs on!! I kept thinking about doing something. I knew a run was out. I would just be bent over coughing up my 999th lung. Pilates? Hmmmm laying on the ground for a majority of it with all the afore-mentioned snot draining to the back of my throat or just giving my head an even more pressurized feeling? Maybe not. A walk hasn’t even happened. What do I do with all the kleenex?

I think hope I am on the tail end. I am even contemplating trying a workout tomorrow.

At least being sick agrees with the scale. Back to 219.

Now if only I can get back to the land of the living!


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