To tell, or not to tell?

So I teased you last week in hopes of having pictures to go with my story. We were told that there were over 10,000 pics taken by the photographers along the route. I saw a few and even heard the “click, click, click” as I went by. There’s over 500 posted now and I am not in any of them. Found a great one of hubby, but the very large majority of them are of the “beautiful people” that ran it. Bitter much? Maybe a little. I am not the only one who noticed there were an awful lot of the pics of amply endowed, young, women who could use a little looser clothing. I know it is a much better site than, say, me fumbling through the mud, but I also hoped it would be nice to see “real” people doing it. It’s the world we live in though, isn’t it.

What do I do now. Tell you about the race, wait for some evidence to show I did it? (I am a little sarcastic because I actually had someone tell me they didn’t think I had really ran the race.) I am leaning toward waiting. Since I’ll look back on this someday, I think I would like images to go with it.

The scale is not my friend. The week leading up to the race, I was awful!! I barely managed a workout on that Monday. A measly half hour on the elliptical. It was a crazy week and I ate out FIVE times.

After the race, it was like I had this attitude, “Ok that’s over with. I don’t need to work so hard anymore.” You relax, don’t think it is that important to get to the gym. You made your goal…I felt myself getting complacent. It was made even easier since I injured myself in the race. It was very easy to think that I needed to take it easy.

Monday I realized that this is how it starts. That slippery slope to gaining one pound, two pounds, three pounds……  The up swing of the yo-yo. I made myself exercise. An easy, flat 2.5 mile walk. It was something. I got in 3 more workouts gradually harder as my leg felt better.

I knew my weight would not be good so I decided to measure. something I hadn’t done since the beginning of April. I have whittled away 10+ inches. A hunk of it from my chest and hips. Wouldn’t be nice if the chest became perkier as it got smaller? TMI? Come on, like you haven’t thought it? LOL Now if I can just get that kind of loss in inches off my thunder thighs!

Having this blog helped me stay on  get back on track.  I think I have set my next goal of doing a plain old 5k but in under 30 minutes. I have set the Turkey Trot for my deadline. I may have caught the racing bug. ;-}

Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.   Unknown


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