Isn’t talk about my blood sugar level exciting?

I’ve been playing the role of Swim Mom this summer since 2 of my 3 kids were on a city swim team. This last weekend was the big, final district wide swim meet. Am I glad it’s over? Yes and no. It was a great reason to leave the house every day and a required hour of exercise for them during the summer. But I’m ready to not have to schedule my day around evening practice. And we have less than 2 weeks before my oldest starts her school year. This is our one last stretch of relaxation and family play time.

So that’s sort of why I didn’t blog on Friday, but I did WANT to blog. Since Rae is coming home today from 3 weeks in Hawaii I didn’t think she’d mind if I crashed her day.

I weighed myself on Friday, but I think it is an unofficial weigh in. I didn’t do my normal routine and I weighed in with clothes on. Still…the scale claimed I lost a pound. If it had said I gained weight I might have cried.

This week I’ve been making better choices when I eat, and I have been doing something my nutritionist called “testing in pairs”. I test my blood sugar before a meal and then again 1 – 2 hours after the meal to see the change. I can gauge which foods/meals cause my blood sugar to raise more than others and avoid those or modify them to be healthier for me. It helped some, but mostly caused me concern because my morning blood sugar has been hovering around 170 (should be between 90 and 120). This week I’m going to be testing more often. If I can eat so my blood sugars are under control then I will definitely loose weight. If I can’t get my blood sugars under control then it’s time to get back to the doctor for an adjustment of medication. I don’t want that.

Other than my kids swimming and blood sugar level…this week Aims, Rae and I will be together for a few days! We’ll be each other’s support group, I’ll harass them about blogging more, and we’ll try to get a picture of the three of us together. Wouldn’t that be novel. As a matter of fact I just looked through my pictures for the last 5 or 6 years I don’t have a single picture of the three of us together. I’ll have to change that this week.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I hope you can get a handle on your blood sugars this week! Good luck!

  2. Helllo, soooo I just have to share something with you. Maybe it will be inspiring. Last year in Oct. or Nov. Dave went to the doctor and had blood work. His number on the diabetic scale (maybe you might know what that means) was a 10.1. Apparently 6-7 is pre-diabetic, 7-10 is type 2 and anything over 10 means you better pull your self together because you are going to loose function of your organs, which is what the doctor told him.This is when we decided to start with baby steps and gave up any thing with added sugar. Pretty much anything “desert” like.we make things with splenda, eat a lot of fruit, and eat sugar free candy when we get really desperate. He goes back every 3 months to test his blood. Nov-Feb he drop from 10.1 on the scale to 8, Feb-May he dropped to a 6.5 he is on 4 (or more) meds the doctor told him if he could hold the number he would take him off the one that makes it difficult to lose weight. May-Aug he dropped to a 5. The doctor was amazed, he is technically no longer diabetic. if he can hold the number for another 3 months the doctor will take him off ALL the meds. WOW!! we really only gave up sugar. It’s really amazing. I am very proud of us.
    Funny thing is we had considered getting him the bypass surgery because we had heard it reverses diabetis. I think it is because you cannot eat sugar anymore. I wish I could say enough good things about how much better I feel not eating sugar. You have to make better choices, you cannot grab a candy bar and a pop for lunch so you choose something better. 😀 Katie doesn’t even notice or care that we don’t have sugar.

  3. btw!! you look amazing in the photo you posted with Har, I can tell you have lost a lot of weigh!

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