Race Day!

Find your greatness!

The timing of this commercial this week was perfect!

Woke up yesterday nice and early to a roaring wind. I had been watching the weather all week hoping to not have to run in our record heat wave that has lasted all summer. The forecast changed repeatedly, but every one showing a “cold” front coming in Friday night. The temp for race day kept going down. The morning was only in the 50’s with high winds. We left the house with jackets on (without sunscreen!) and wondered how cold we would get when we were all wet.

It was a near hour drive to the race park. Long enough to cause my stomach to gradually get more and more tied into knots. There was a back up of traffic within a few miles of the park thanks to construction which just made the anticipation worse. We got through before it backed up for 9 miles, but so many of the cars were carrying runners that the race organizers pushed back the start. It didn’t help that the fire trucks that were to bring the water for the mud were in the jam as well. At least the wind died down. Hubby said I just went into a zone while waiting.

I think I remember the crowd doing the YMCA song. I did do the yoga stretches and just stared out over the hill we were on and tried to see myself accomplishing the few obstacles that were visible. We were in the second wave which started 70mins. late.  Before your start we all had to recite the following-

• I will face my fears and overcome any challenges!
• I will cheer others on to the finish!
• I will have fun!
• Together we will “FACE THE CHALLENGES!”

What happened next you ask? You’ll have to tune in next week. We are supposed to have pics from the photogs on the course then. I will leave you with a little taste though. I am very sore and stiff, but it makes me feel better that hubby is too! LOL!

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  1. A) You are a tease!!!

    B) I LOVE that commercial. What a brave kid. So great.

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