How do you measure success?

Being a part of this blog has helped to figure out why I do some things I do. Having to be honest about food, workouts and even posting my weight has been enlightening.

Something occurred to me this past week. I do not consider myself as being successful even when the scale is going down or my pants are falling off or lifting my preschooler has gotten much easier. No, it’s not a success until someone else notices the changes. 

I wait and hope for my husband to say something. Friends, family, coworkers, validation from somewhere external. Is that vain. I can’t decide. I just feel like it doesn’t matter how much I sweat if it isn’t a visible change obvious to others than I am not on the right track. I want to be doing such a good job at getting  fit that people have to ask for my “secret.” Don’t we all do that? See someone who has lost a lot of weight and our first thought is, “How did they do it?” I’ve certainly asked it. It would be great for someone to ask me that.

Over the last week-week and a half I have seen friends that I haven’t seen since May or early June and I got some confirmation that I am on the right track. Hubby has been paying a little more attention to me, especially getting undressed. TMI I know but come on, you ladies know how much that can mean to us. The best was a coworker whose jaw dropped when I saw him over the weekend. I’ve gotten a new cut and color as well as not seeing him since  the end of May. He told me he couldn’t stop staring when I came in. From a gay man, it was a high compliment. At least until I showed him a picture from my vacay with my hubby and he then went on about what a “hottie” my man is. Sigh! He is adorable. Hands Off he’s mine! LOL

It’s was a bit of an eye opener. I was seeing changes and the scale has been my friend(as of today I am down another 2.8lbs!) but I was still frustrated. I know why now.  Shouldn’t it be enough to see the changes for ourselves?

So what’s your measurement for weight loss success? Is it more motivating when others start to notice your loss?



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