Just keep swimming, just keep swimming……

I was thinking this morning how I didn’t see a post from AB and was wondering how she was doing. Then I felt guilty about posting after reading hers. I remembered how it was not so long ago my posts sounded just like hers. I could have written it just a couple months ago. I know how hard it is to not give up, pour gravy over everything, butter a huge roll and scarf it down. I love me some carbs!

I’ll admit it was a little hard to come on here and read the success of the other ladies when I was sucking, but occasionally someone would have an “off” week. Those posts helped so much more than the others. It was encouraging that others did struggle. It wasn’t easy for everyone else. We are all human and fighting the same self defeating ideas. It helped me keep going and it is only because  of watching you ladies pick yourself up and get back on track that I didn’t just curl into the fetal position and say “It can’t be done!”

I know it is hard and what you are going through. I am not just saying that. I KNOW!  And although I have been blessed to have a string of good posts and yes I have lost weight again this week, I also know that I can be right back where I was in a heartbeat.

I have gotten to a place where I have stopped beating myself up for having a bad meal, day, week. Tomorrow is a chance to start again. You can’t change what has already been, but you can choose to make the next meal, day, week a good one and just keep moving forward.


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  1. Thank you. You’re are awesome and I appreciate you!!!

  2. Dori is so wise! What’s done is done. Take a deep breath and make your next choices good ones. I’m sure I will need that reminder in the future ;-}

    I meant it, you have kept me going. Although I do blame you for the insanity I will be a part of in a couple weeks. My sore muscles do not thank you. LOL!

    I just know your next update will be a good one!

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