Happy Father’s Day!

Just a quick note since I am celebrating the day with the greatest dad I know, My husband!!

The last leg of our trip did not get better except that we got to see some family. The rain followed us every where we went. Downpour, lost power rain. The only place we didn’t bring it is to Colorado which is in a drought and dealing with fires. My son still had vomiting episodes for 5 days. We got to the point where my husband and I were looking at just dropping of the rental car and flying home. I was so done, at 1 am I got up and loaded up the family and headed out at 2 and drove the 12 hours home.

I was happy to see that when I weighed in on my home scale I had only gained 1/2lb.

I am sure that I will have to start at square one at the gym tomorrow, but I am ready. I actually missed it.

I have been pondering a Big Dog Brag Mud Run (tough mudder kind of race). I know what you will say Miss AB, but I am still nervous about doing it.

Hope you all are doing well with your goals!!


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