Rain, Rain go away!!!

I know it is Saturday and I am supposed to post on Sunday, but this is my refuge rather than turning to food. So please indulge me while I vent.

The Florida leg of our journey was meant to be “our” time. A chance to decompress, relax and spend time as a family before our teens are grown. It wasn’t a good sign when driving down we hit storms with rain so thick we could only see 10 feet in front of the car. It has rained every day. The locals keep telling us how it hasn’t rained like this “in years and years.” We did brave the beach twice during the few breaks, but it never lasted long. All our plans went out the window. Universal studios- no one wants to be hit by lightning on a roller coaster. Our chartered boat to go sea fishing cancelled 1 hour before we would have left the dock. We tried to salvage things. Hubs took the teens to Disney Quest-an indoor 5 story virtual reality arcade for a day while I stayed with our toddlers. Our 4 yr old hadn’t been feeling well. Today is our last day and we made plans to go on a boat ride with the aquarium where they drop nets and pull up sea life to see, touch and learn about and then the beach. The sun was actually shining. Our little guys sickness had progressed to not keeping water down though. Making it 2 1/2 days since he had eaten and you could just see the dehydration. He also seemed to be running a fever. After a trip to the pharmacy who sent us to a clinic who wouldn’t see us because of our out-of-state insurance, we ended up in the ER of the hospital the patients in the waiting room of the clinic recommended. You know your kid is sick when they do not have to hold down a 4-year-old when they start an IV. His white blood cell count came back high enough to worry the doctor into putting him on IV antibiotics and send us home on some. After filling prescriptions we didn’t get back to our rental house until 4. Another day shot.

As we started to pack things, I thought I should see what was happening in the rest of the world and check our route home. Flooding. Record. Breaking. Rainfall. 20+ inches in areas with more tomorrow. Our next hotel reservation/stop is in the heart of the flooding. Do you have any idea what driving in those kind of conditions adds to your time on the road. They cancelled all flights out of the panhandle today due to rain.

We are sitting here looking at alternate routes that will try to keep us drier (the south is just all wet right now) and won’t require us to wear life preservers.

Morale is low for me and hubs and I just want to eat something. I keep pecking at things as I walk by the kitchen. So I am blogging to keep my hands busy.

During the times of light drizzle I have gotten into the pool and done laps. What’s a little rain when you are already wet? I have eaten more than I would have liked. With 5 more travel days, I hope I can redeem myself and not be too afraid of the scale when I get home.

Wish me luck. Prayers are always appreciated:/


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  1. Glad you took to blogging instead of eating. That is one TOUGH vacation. I hope the trip home gets more fun. Maybe you and Rae will run into each other somewhere. She’s headed East from Cali.

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