“But you’re here now!”

I was lying in bed this beautiful Saturday morning and thinking about how I don’t have an exam to study for, homework to think about or a presentation to work on and I suddenly realized I did have an assignment due yesterday: my blog post! I guess I was reveling in the lack of expectations yesterday and completely neglected my promise to blog. So here I am a day late…this feels familiar.

Thursday was my last exam. It is so satisfying to look at all the things crossed off of my list (below) that I haven’t erased it yet to make room for summer plans.

my little magnet reads: You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool mom.

Summer, for me, is when I tend to make those New Year’s Resolutions. You know, the  unrealistic list of goals I want to accomplish. I feel like I will have SO MUCH MORE TIME and then crash and burn as I put them off for later or find other worthy causes where I spend my time. My goal for this summer is to be more realistic about my time and think short term.

This week is my birthday. Wednesday I will be forty-one. (Why hide it?) Just celebrated that same # with Rae last week (Yes, I’m totally outing you, my friend). She looks good, doesn’t she?

Rae, Rae’s “little” girl, AB

I will not use my birthday or “celebrating” as a reason to eat unhealthy. That is a big and difficult goal. I’m really good at justifying (I’ve had a See’s gift certificate since Christmas that I have not used because I am afraid I’ll “justify” my way into eating the entire pound in a relatively short period of time). This goal is my birthday gift to myself.

My daughter and I are finished with our school year, but my two sons will be in school this whole week. Another gift! While they are at school I will get my exercise in each day. Planning family meals will be a little easier this week, too, and I want to make dinner (a healthy dinner) every night.

The last two weeks of my semester was time consuming and stressful. (I’m grateful for a super understanding & helpful family). In those two weeks I gained 3 pounds. I’ve accepted it, forgiven myself and I’m moving forward. I also only got one workout in…which I lead while Mandy was running her marathon.

Yesterday was a return to my regular Friday workouts. Hooray! I hadn’t worked out with Mandy the magnificent in quite a while. During the class some of the girls were talking about how hard the Wednesday workout was and how sore their abs were. My comment was, “I’m glad I wasn’t here!”
The ever insightful and always kind Mandy responded, “But you’re here now!” I could not believe how much of a threat it sounded like coming from my perpetually sweet and effervescent friend!
Well, Mandy, my abs and shoulders heard you. And I thank you for never taking it easy on me. I am here now and ready to make weight loss a priority this summer!
Wish me luck!

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  1. I was so excited to see your title “But you’re hear now!”…I started to laugh out loud remembering Friday morning as we were all tearing our abs apart and then trying to figure out how we’d continue through our laughter. I’m so happy you’re done for the summer and we get to “play” (sweat, work, moan) at the workouts together!!!

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