Stress & Surprises

Okay, so TECHNICALLY today is Thursday. I am actually banking on the fact that my West Coast contributors to this blog are all still fast asleep in their beds, that I can sneak this in virtually unnoticed. LOL. Okay, let’s start off with a quick Q&A.

1. Where have you been the last few weeks?

      Alive. Not wanting to face the firing squads, I went into hiding a bit. Actually, the stress of end of school, a bit of FRG craziness, and sick kiddos filled my plate.

2. Have you been keeping up with your goals?

      Yes, actually I have. Maybe not as well as I would have hoped (or had anticipated). However, I have lost more weight..dropped another dress size, and am getting really jazzed about the incredibly shrinking me.

3. What results have you seen?

   I went to see my bariatric surgeon last week. My overall weightloss percentage (meaning total that I have lost of my excess weight.. looking at the # he wants me/ the charts say I am suppose to be at)  is 47% lost. Which is amazing considering I don’t reach my 1 year post-surgery mark until end of July. He is very no-nonsense and wants me over the 50% mark by then. I am sooo gonna meet that goal..and SURPASS it!!

4. Break it down.. can you show me the Numbers?

Yes. Here we go, nuts & bolts details of where I am at. LOL. Actually, I will preface it to say that I hit an amazing milestone that I a pretty happy about. I. Bought. A. Bathing Suit. AND I LIKE IT!!! It still is weird shopping in the “skinny section” of the stores. You know what I mean. The area that doesn’t have a “W” behind any of the sizes!! My new found awesome swim attire is a red little number in a size…wait for it, 14!! woohoo. It is awesome to be able to put it on and actually see a glimpse of a figure that won’t scare little children at the pool. LOL. You asked for a number. Heehee. Okay, here’s another. Another part of me has shrunk… MY FEET!! I used to wear a size 11W. Well, I was looking for shoes for my Virginia escape this weekend, and I kept laughing. All of the size 11W’s were sliding off of me, and making me look like I had clown shoes on. Heehee. So..long story short, I am totally digging the size 10M sparkly, strappy pair of shoes that found their way to my home.


That is my story, and I am sticking to it. Heehee. I am working out for 40 minutes a day at LEAST 4 times a week. I am seeing changes. I am experiencing results. I am trying my best to stay in this good mojo frame of mind!! Later my weightloss peeps.. have a great weekend. I am sooo going to. My skinnier self is boarding a plane. Virginia bound for a wedding (and meeting a very sweet little princess for the very 1st time.) I LOVE icing on cakes of awesomeness!). 


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  1. way to freaking go, Amy!! so proud of you! Shrinking feet is fun, huh? way more cute shoes in a 10! love you and am sooooooooooooooo proud of you!

  2. That is some serious and impressive loss. WAY TO GO!!!

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