Yes, that’s right. I employed the most overused proclamation of the current day to describe my week in fitness. I’ve lost all creativity in my final week of school. Good thing I’m not an art major.

This week wasn’t a total failure. I had good days, but none that included exercise. Then my kind mother made oatmeal cookies (my fave) and weakness set in. Other than my lack of exercise and cookie indiscretion I made some good choices!

I do have a good excuse for not getting to my regular Friday exercise today though. My husband and I met our realtor and looked at a house. Of course, it gave off a strange vibe (my hubs said it was like serial killers had lived there before) and we were in no way interested. So I missed exercise to check out a dud. Darn.

Now I’m at the library. Already took one exam and now I should be writing my essay for my history final, but I couldn’t leave my friends high and dry wondering how I did this week. Sorry it isn’t better news. I will take on the attitude of Scarlett O’Hara and remind myself that, “Tomorrow is another day!”

On a side note, I really appreciate all the love and support and “You can do it!”s. Your encouragement means more than you know. I’m prepared to fight the good fight because I have you guys cheering me on.

Four exams to go. Even though I look stressed, no one needs to make me cookies, k? I promise there will be a weigh in and a change in attitude next week.

Wish me luck.

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  1. You have the right attitude! You will win the war! I know you are rockin’ your finals and then you can put more focus on you. I bet those cookies were a worthy cheat. Chin up, soldier on, I expect all A’s from you. LOL

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