Life’s a piece of cake

This has been a stressful week for me  consumed with this…

These are hand made and colored out of gumpaste(sugar).

The wedding was being held at “THE” place to have your wedding in the area. (If you have the money.) It was a big deal to me so my anxiety level was through the roof.

Couple that with dealing with side effects from a new medication and it has not been a fun time. I had an appointment with the sleep clinic before last post. I scored worse on my tests showing I am even more tired and not adjusting well with the CPAP. I just have to keep going with the mask torture at night, but they put me on  a medication to “wake” me up during the day.  I was assured it is not addicting and not speed. Apparently our troops “pop them like candy on patrol,” said the doc.  Hubby was with me and thought it was a good idea. He also liked that it has a mild antidepressant in it.

I was not thrilled with the idea of being medicated all day 24/7. A pill to make me sleep, a pill to keep me awake and alert. I became even less thrilled when nearly every side effect on the list became my friend. Doc told me at the appointment that he’s really only seen patients with headaches from it.

I feel wired. My hands shake. I’m jittery. Headaches, stomach pains, dizziness, nausea,  and trouble sleeping. I also have no appetite and I mean none. I could go all day and not even think about food. I have to force myself to eat, because you do need fuel, but I have a very hard time getting through half of the serving. It has been just over a week and it’s only mildly getting better. But, I am definitely not falling asleep behind the wheel and I am staying on top of things  at home. I should go visit AB and take care of her laundry for her ;-P

I think if I were used to caffeine it might be different. I hate coffee, do not drink pop, and only have raspberry tea a few times a year. It’s my special occasion drink.

I have gotten in some kind of a workout everyday except one because of the above but I probably still could have done it that day too.

I don’t know where my weight really is right now. At the dr appointment I was up 5 lbs from when I saw him 6 weeks ago, up 8 pounds from where I weighed in at 2 1/2 weeks ago for my weight loss challenge, and on my home scale now I am down 13 pounds from the dr visit last week. Obviously none of our scales match. I think I will just weigh in this week on the Kaiser scale for the challenge and go from there. All I know is my pants need belts.

Wish me luck. I must go swimsuit shopping this week before our trip. Oh the horror!!!!!


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  1. You are welcome any time you want to come do my laundry! But it’s all new laundry now…because there is NEVER no laundry. Husband Extrordinaire played the role of Irish Washer Woman on Saturday…at least that’s what he calls himself.

    I’m worried about all of those side effects! You need to see your doc again or maybe try for a second opinion?! There must be another med they can try! Have you tried melatonin as a sleeping aid? Ask your doc about it.

    Congrats on needing belts! Good luck swimsuit shopping!

  2. I think the laundry basket is fully of fertility mojo because the clothes seem to multiply uncontrollably!
    Unfortunately Dr P is the only sleep doc in southern CO. We could travel to Denver but when even with insurance my doc costs us $350+ out of pocket per visit, I would hate to see what an out-of-network one would costs.
    I tried melatonin and it helped a little but not enough to get me relaxed enough to sleep with the masks.I am just very much aware of this thing strapped to my head.
    The daytime meds are considered the best and safest for addiction reasons. Doc wants me to keep up for a little longer before trying something new. I must admit that I do like that I am more productive than I have been in a long time. This whole thing just sucks!

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