Where oh where did I go?

 So last week was insane. We had several amazing events for our Church that kept me running. It was all worth it , and I enjoyed spending time with my family as we all shared the experiences. The spiritual rejuvenation also gave me a renewed goal to better myself. For me, for my family, as an example so my kids don’t head down my path.

  I started this week with that goal in mind, and decided to change a few things up. I take my daughter to an early morning class that gets me back home at 615am. That gives me a full hour before the 3 other monkeys need to be awake for the day. Usually I let my laziness get the better of me and I dive for my pillow. Not this week. I have grabbed my running shoes and popped in a workout DVD. The soreness in my re-awakened muscles have just reaffirmed the fact that I am doing something right. So, I have continued the pattern each morning this week. Amazingly, I haven’t died…I haven’t eaten my arms off either. LOL. I …*GASP* FEEL.GOOD. I know, weird isn’t it. I also decided I wouldn’t look at the scale until next Monday. That way I can see (hopefully) a big change, rather than the 1/2 a pound. Best thing that happened…the capris I got that were too tight, THEY FIT!!! Woohoo. They are definately not the size I want to stay in (resale shops are excellent for that very issue), but they are a step towards where I want to be. At this point, I have 65lbs to go before I reach awesome, 30+ before I get to see a “1” as the initial number in my weight, and less than 10lbs before I reach my 100 pound loss. Yowza. Breaking it down like that seems more acheivable.

       Tomorrow my son turns 8. That is the number I am working on losing before his baptism on the 20th of this month. Crossing my fingers and keeping my chin up that I will be able to continue on my path. It only leads to a better me…and that is TOTALLY worth this journey!!


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  1. I can’t believe that Colby is 8… and that you’ve almost lost 100lbs in less than a year. Ah-may-zing! So proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see you in just a few months!

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