Stupid sayings of the week

Maybe ignorant is the better term. Either way Some things really got to me this week. I wonder if they would have affected me as much if I was at my goal weight.

“I can run a 5k in my sleep.” Thank you DH.

“You should run outside. That’s how people lose weight.” Not necessarily stupid, just a “what” scratch my head moment.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead at the beach if I were her size.” Overheard while walking away after having a conversation about our vacation plans to Florida in a few weeks.

“I really shouldn’t, I am up to a size 4.” A friend refusing cookies from a coworker she made for appreciation week.

“I wish I had an excuse to be fat.” I knew there was a reason I didn’t talk about having apnea.

There were others. Maybe it was the supermoon making people crazy. Or just making me more sensitive.

It was an okay week. I blew off the gym one day to take the kids to the zoo. Carrying around a 25 lbs child who decided they didn’t want to ride in the wagon counts as a workout, right?! LOL. It was a few hours of walking anyways.

I don’t know where I am going with this post and have no great insights or motivation. Just babbling I guess.

Goals for this week.

Earlier bedtime

Run at least 4 days

Watch the carbs-my Achilles heel

Try to not keep stressing over how many days are left until we leave for a family wedding and that I haven’t lost my goal for that date yet. Easier said than done.

The weather calls for snow- In May! Love where I live and love the cold! No swimsuits!!!


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  1. Someone once said, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” My favorite shirt that I see every time we go to Disneyland (ok, that’s often lately) quotes Yoda: Judge me by my size, do you?

    I think you need that shirt.

    Hugs and love for thicker skin this week.

  2. Jennifer Bjordahl

    WOW!! Not sure that any of that would be too offensive, except the comments made “behind your back”. Next time turn around and say “oh, you must have thought my back side was bigger than it is…..BECAUSE I HEARD YOU!!!!
    On that note, It sounds good, but I wouldn’t have said it either, I would have sunk my head and been very upset.
    Do not let others determine your success. If you need a boost, go find a picture of you from before you made decisions to be a smaller you and reflect on the many mountains you have already climbed AND conquered.
    Afterthought…. Wear the bathing suit, and wear it proudly. ❤

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