getting help

My goal was to have a better week this week than last. However, it was equal parts the same and different which are working toward “better”….it makes sense in my head. I didn’t weigh in this week. Partially because of the week and partially because it’s that time of the month. It could be depressing…or induce crying to step on the scale.

I saw my doc this week. He referred me to a new podiatrist for my foot problem. Walking from my classroom to my car hurts let alone trying to do a couple of miles for exercise. I am looking into accupuncture as a way to relieve the pain of or maybe even fix my platar fasciitis, too.

Doc also referred me to a nutritionist. I met Sarah this morning. She was more helpful than I expected. I feel prepared to have a better week nutrition wise! She got me excited again. I did not realize until I was sitting across the desk from her talking about my life how much I avoided eating in general and carbs specifically because of my fear that I would be eating what was wrong for me. I have been going between days where I do not eat enough and days where I eat whatever and probably too much of it. She gave me some encouragement, guidelines, and motivation to be consistent.

This week I need to make some time to do yoga early in the morning which will require a whole snowball of events to get there. But I want to make the changes (especially dropped weight) and I need to plan. My resistance to planning ahead is beginning to wear down.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Nutrition is very important to have energy to do all the mommy stuff and everything you are required to do. I’m trying to help Chris loose some weight so he can get a cheaper insurance. There is this website that helps you keep track of the calories you need to have to loose weight. It’s so easy to use. You log your weight and your goal weight and how much you want to loose a week and it personalize it for you. It tells you how much you need of carbs, protein etc. You log your exercises too. It helps you see where can you cut and actually make better choices. It gives you an incentive to exercise because if you log exercise time it gives you extra calories to eat. When you are eating the extra granola bar and you are going to have to log it, it makes you think if you are really hungry or you are just eating it because the food is there. It has a phone app too!

  2. k, I’m curious to see how the acupuncture works, so you’ll have to let me know! I’m so glad you were able to meet with a good nutritionist who could steer you on a good path! And I read on fb how you bought only water at the bakery at disneyland…. Holy strength!! Great job!!

  3. Thanks, Aut. I should mention that I did later share a Dole Whip (pineapple soft serve ice cream) with Emma. Totally worth it. I burned off the calories as we walked the park 😉

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