Business or busyness

Busyness.  Not the kind you own (business), but the kind that owns you (busyness).  That’s been me lately.  I’ve been responding instead of owning my time.  It gets sucked up pretty quickly when you don’t watch it.  Many things I can do nothing about, but others I can organize better, plan around and take the reins back.

My start (on Sunday) has gone rather well.  I have been much more conscious of the food I put in my mouth.  It’s not a knee jerk reaction to what’s going on around here, something to numb the worry, relief, stress, whatever.  I have even somewhat enjoyed the feeling of being a bit hungry.  I’ve restarted the shakes in the morning.  They are a simple answer to a quick way to get a decent meal in me before I set off on the day.  I’ve scaled back on my portion size (that sure is easy to creep up on you, more and more needed to satisfy you), and I’ve got gum everywhere…my secret weapon to late night munchies and it seems to be working.

One workout at a time, I’m striving for my goals instead of giving them up for a happy food moment here and there.  One day, I will not be a slave to the scale, but rather I will own it!  Until then, I’ll trudge on, owning one day at a time, and making the best of it.




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  1. Your words just explained exactly how I feel. Busyness. I’ll work on “owning” my day. Thank you, for the millionth time, for inspiring me. Love you, BFF.

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