I love the show “Storage Wars”, not sure why, its a guilty pleasure I guess. There is a guy on there, super annoying, but smart at the same time. When he bids he has this long drawn out, “Yeeeep” It cracks me up. It also is kinda how I am feeling lately, Just a “Yeeeep.” on life. Long. Drawn-out. Nothing fancy or over-rated. I am just here. Life has not been sunshine and daisies for me lately, so I am not going to pretend that it is here either.

 It’s tough. I am struggling. I don’t know what I expect when I eat ok, exercise rarely, and then just saunter my way through the mix of everything else. It’s actually obnoxious, but getting on the scale is like an annoying..”Yeeep” in my head. Nothing has moved very far either way. My husband reacted with a , “You’re maintaining, that’s good.” Ummm…is it? I don’t think so. I am stagnant and bored and need to change it all up. I want to change it up. I think I can change it up. So, yesterday was GORGEOUS here in dorothy-ville. Allan had a dental appointment that I would need to drive him to and from because the meds would be a bit much for driving. So, I got this wild streak and thought ..hey, I’m gonna (wait for it) WALK today. Careful, the jaw dropping that far can be harmful. I KNOW, it is an epiphany, but I actually got out and walked the 2.5 mile path around the Custer Hill Golf course on post. There is a butt-kicking hill midway through that I basically told myself was punishment for being lazy. Not to let the fat-girl mentality push back…I decided one lap around wasn’t enough…let’s do TWO!!! You know what, I survived. I may not feel bright and cheery this morning, and my legs are a bit achy…but I did the flippin’ thing. TWICE even. How ’bout them apples.

So I have decided when the fat girl mental game starts coming into play, I need to check myself and have a way to push back. If I am ever going to get to my goal is what HAS TO happen. No more games and silliness, or even more so..excuses. So, in a nut shell. I am no longer going to “maintain”. I want to push back and make the fat girl disappear…along with all the mental games and baggage she brings along with her. Wish me luck..I amy really need it. LOL.



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  1. I am impressed with you desire to keep going – and then you follow through to do it! I’m sure there are a lot of days that are hard. Kind of how life goes…but you really are doing a good job. Coming to plateaus in life happens in every venue. You’re moving up on on toward a goal…and then just level out. (I mean it might be with household chores, financial goals, progress towards a child’s discipline, even working on large craft projects. It happens in life all the time – over and over again)! The most important thing is to recognize it, and then determine to aim upward and onward again. Finding the motivation is sometimes the trickiest part – or maybe finding the energy. But honestly, you are so strong willed and capable of overcoming any obstacle — don’t let the mind block be what stops you! You can do it – and you are doing it!!! (((HUGS!))) You’re amazing. 🙂

  2. My Belle!!! I miss you so stinkin’ much! I can’t look at pumpkin anything without thinking of our awesome Ft. Lee days. Thank you for always being in my corner and cheering. I love ya my friend. (and cannot wait for the littlest Wilhelm to arrive!!!). ((HUGS)) from dorothy-ville!

  3. Amy, I LOVE Storage Wars!!! And Dave drives me CRAZY!!!! But it does make me want to quit my job and be an auction junkie… anyways, that’s freaking awesome that you decided to go for a walk instead of sitting and waiting for Allan. And a hard walk, too. It’s too easy to slip back into old habits, but you are doing so well. I’m so proud of you. I know my motivation is to be thinner than you when you come in July. Wait, was that being too honest? Love you, Sis-Wu!

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