I’m Practically Famous

Ok, so, that’s not really true. BUT last Friday I was minding my own at work and I got an email from a lady who had interviewed me for a magazine back in October but we were never really able to set a date for me to go do a photo shoot so I was under the impression that the article was on hold…. anyway, back to the email, the email basically was like, “so congrats your article was featured in the Spring issue of Scottsdale Living Magazine”. Pretty cool!! {you can read the article by going to http://issuu.com/azbigmedia/docs/scottsdale-living-spring-2012-digital and the article starts on page 6}. I have to admit, it is pretty cool… but I do want to make sure you all know that I don’t have “Cutting the FAT” tattooed on my back like the pic in the mag shows… and that’s not my back, I’m waaaay whiter than that! 😉

I know that I’ve been MIA for a while, and to be honest, I’m not even sure what I weighed last time I wrote. I have a pic of my weight on my phone from about 2 weeks ago and I’m up 2 lbs from that weight. But last Thursday I went to the dr {my obgyn} for a routine lab follow-up. Remember a few weeks ago he put me on thyroid meds? Well, this time I go back and I’m told my uric acid is crazy high and my vitamin d was low. Oh, and I have a polyp on my ovary.  We will now refer to this Dr as Dr. Doom. I love the man to pieces, but I don’t think I’ve had one appointment with him that he hasn’t told me something that was a tad depressing lol… he’s a little too thorough at times. So, Uric Acid basically tells your kidney function and high uric acid is a sign of Gout. Gout runs in my family {thank you, Dad for sharing!! love you!!} so I was given a pill for that and told to avoid red meat and any food that may taste good…ok, so he didn’t say that but he might as well have! Then the vitamin D he tells me the importance of women taking 5000 iu of Vitamin D daily to help fight breast cancer and the fact that mine was low was no good. So, a pill for that. And a plug to all you women– Take Vitamin D daily… the health benefits are worth the $6 you’ll spend on a good one! So the polyp… not that any of you care, but I get “wanded” ultra sounds every 2 weeks {don’t be jealous!} and this polyp has never been there. I even recognized it as being foreign… so Dr. Doom reassured me that “most” polyps aren’t cancerous. MOST?! Not good enough for me, Dr. Doom! All I heard was cancer and I started planning what I should be dressed in at my funeral! {Amy, please take note, I want a MAC make-up artist, but make sure she doesn’t go too crazy!!} Anyways, this was a lot of news to take in. And now I’m up to taking 4 pills a day since I started doubling my thyroid pill. I feel like a 90-year-old woman… or my husband. 😉

I have no idea where this post went. lol. Perhaps I shouldn’t miss a few weeks posting and then you won’t get Raw Autumn. Just be thankful the hubs is sitting next to me saying things like, “you can’t say that!!”

Alright, bloggers. Have a great week! I for one, am going to shoot for doing 1 work out in the next week. So lame, I know, but I am overwhelmed and need to do things in small increments! Oh, and trying not to binge eat at night… how do you control your night-time hunger?! Mine is out.of.con.trol.



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  1. Late at night I get hungry when I’m tired. It’s actually a scientifically proven fact that humans eat more when they are tired. So! If you are tired then go to bed. Problem solved. Easy peasy.

    I love raw Autumn.

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