Dear world

Dear world,

Why did we invent sugar?

Why did we fill drinks full with it and call it soda? Why must it be the only alternative to water and alcohol at restaurants? Why do restaurants add it to their juice?

Why did we add it to fat and smear over bread already stuffed with it? Why do we demand everyone eat it at everyone’s birthday? Why must candy be included in every holiday that we have?

Why have we tried to make substitutes without the calories but still with all the glycemic index and with bonus possible cancer, birth defects or in my case immediate severe headache?

Why, if sugar is fine in moderation, do I have to work so hard to keep it from my diet? Why have we let sugar come into everything we eat? Every meal has a standard sugar something, from syrup to ketchup. I didn’t really need my crackers to have sugar as well. And you aren’t fooling anyone with those fancy words you use in place of sugar. High fructose corn syrup, Sucralose, aspartame, stevia. I could go on. But they all make things taste sweet. Why do we need spaghetti sauce to taste sweet?

Have we become that hedonistic that we can’t leave sugar out of things that didn’t use to contain it? Does it really make things taste THAT good?

Not that you, world, are totally to blame. I know how much I like sugar. I crave it. I’m weak. It is delicious. You were just trying to give me more of what I like. Others are just like me and yet a select few have found how to indeed have it in moderation. I applaud you. I envy you. It wasn’t easy for you. I know.

Thank you for your time.


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