One thing at a time

I’m happy to report I am mentally in a better place…I was such a mess the other day.

I succeeded in refraining from ALL candy during Easter, and plan to keep it out of my mouth until after I am 25 lbs lighter.  I don’t usually eat the stuff, but found I had added it to my “free” days.  Why?  It used to be a treat every now and then, why make it a weekly thing?  So, it’s gone from my “free” day options.  My free day treat was Angel Food cake and fresh strawberries.  It was a delicious treat!

This week I will be focusing on water.  I am seeing through bubbles right now, I’m so full of it.  I dread all the bathroom stops this will stir up, but it will also hopefully be the thing that keeps other things out of my mouth.  I have been very lenient with my water routine and found I didn’t get nearly enough in each day, and confess a few days I missed it entirely.   The candy was easy to fix…water will be different.  I know eventually I will love it again, but I’m not a fan usually..grabbing a DC instead.

I’m finally feeling a bit better so I’m also going to hit the gym.  I don’t plan on doing a strenuous cardio, but I’m going to get back in the routine of regular exercise.  After 2 weeks off, I know I’ll be feeling it!

Next week I will focus on another area that needs improvement…but for now, this will do.  Tackling it one at a time and getting it down.  One day, the scale will be my friend…not there yet.


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  1. Shut. Up. Strawberries and angel food cake here yesterday! Strawberry season is good for the soul.

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