Measuring Up

Today I decided not to look at the number on my scale. Not because it was going to be bad, I had no idea..I thought I had a decent (not outstanding, but decent) week. Instead, I pulled out my notebook that my surgeon had given me when I started my journey, and recorded my measurements. It was impressive to see where I had made improvements since the last time I measured, back in February. What really got me was looking at the numbers, both weight and measurements from when I began. Then I decided to push my luck even more, and I tried on the fitted shirt in the cute little size that is my motivation for the summertime trip. It fit, not necessarily as flattering as I want, but it doesn’t look like I am trying to squeeze into one of my teenage daughters shirts any longer. LOL.

Different things can either defeat or motivate me. I decided it is also the way I look at them that determines my attitude as well. My close battle buddy that I have known since our husbands went to Basic Combat Training together, sent her husband off on a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan last weekend. It broke her heart to watch her little people emotionally distraught over their Daddy having to leave them. My heart broke right along with her. As I was looking at her page and his, I stumbled upon an event he did. I thought it was amazing then, and reaffirmed those feelings seeing it again. Little did I know that I would come full-circle and that event be my moment of clarity…until today. Today, I stumbled upon a link from another friend.. and I investigated. I realized, this is what Greg had done, but this time I wasn’t terrified at the thought. It actually motivated me. I WANT to do this. I NEED to do this. For Greg, because I think he is an amazing hero..and this is my way of saying “Thanks”. For me, because I want to prove to myself that I have come full circle. That running 3 miles through obstacles and mud flinging in my face is the perfect way to surmise the last year of my journey. September 1, the day of the run…falls 4-days after my 1 year anniversary. So, after I chat it over with my hubby (and convince him AND my teenager that doing it with my would be AWESOME)..I want to commit. I want to have a new goal.I want to make sure I am measuring up to the person I want to be!!!

So, on that are my lucky numbers. I am doing a then & now, a little reality check to let myself know that I AM doing good things for my body and me.

July 27, 2011 DAY OF SURGERY:                                                  April 4, 2012

Neck: 14.5 ”                                                                            Neck: 12.25″

Chest: 52.25″                                                                          Chest: 41.5″

Hips: 59″                                                                                  Hips: 47″

Waist: 52″                                                                                Waist: 36.5″

Arm: 10.5″                                                                                Arm: 9.5″

Calf: 19.5″                                                                                Calf: 13.25″

Ankle: 9.25″                                                                              Ankle: 7.75″

BMI: 46.5                                                                                  BMI: 34


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  1. That is awesome!!! I think it’d be a great way to celebrate your journey thus far! You’re fabulous – gorgeous. 🙂

  2. You have made amazing progress! I think you will love LOVE the mudrun (and so will your hubs). Nice work, friend.

  3. Those are fantastic numbers. Great motivation to keep going.

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