I wanted to miss another Monday post, but I won’t let myself.  I need to face the music and get my act together.  Frustrated though…in myself, and in my lack of progress. I seriously worked my butt off for 3 weeks straight and never lost a pound.  How does that happen?  Food was on target too, so it’s not that.  I am out of ideas and so the only logical thing to do was to throw my hands metaphorically up in the air and eat…whatever I wanted…and not work out…cuz it’s not doing anything for me anyway.  Pretty fantastic logic right?

Right or wrong, that was my week.  I’m so discouraged.  I am so fortunate to have a Hawaii trip in July, and was really working toward the goal of slimming down for the trip.  When I saw NOTHING happen, I just gave up.  Not smart, and not going to do me any good.  So, I’m putting my big girl panties on and getting back on track.  I don’t really know what my plan is except to get back on my work out routine and watch my food intake and drink more water. Maybe eventually I will see progress on the scale…until then, at least I’ll be working on the muscles that might eventually show through.

Just a quick note for this week.  Too much of a pity party just makes me sick.  After all, this week is not about me, but about remembering an unbelievable miracle about to happen.  This week, I’m remembering the suffering Jesus took upon himself for me, and all my baggage.  Grace, forgiveness is mine because of Him.  I’m remembering how powerful and majestic He is and that I have a hope and future because He conquered the grave and rose again so that I may one day as well.   I’m much better now.  All I had to do was take my eyes off of myself and gaze upon the One who can really help me.  (sigh)  I’m hoping to keep my focus…


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  1. You are amazing, keep it up!! You look great.

  2. Sometimes when exercising you build muscle, which is weight. Maybe don’t worry so much about how much weight loss but keep track of inches lost. Thru my experience losing weight the first 2-3 weeks are the hardest, because you are changing old bad habits that we fought comfort in. Hang in there it will get easier & become fun to challenge yourself

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