Easter Plans

Hello Friends!!  

I can’t believe it is already Tuesday, WOW, this week has gone by very quickly.  We completed what was a the final week of a musical theater production with my children.  The week was packed with more that 70 hours of time spent at the theater.  Thanks to my amazing husband, we didn’t have to eat fast food, he cooked us up some great “mobile” meals and brought them to the theater.  

I am working quite hard this week to be extremely diligent with my eating and exercise as Sunday is Easter, and we like to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus by celebrating with family and that includes some extremely good (and not so weight friendly) food.  I intend on not only preparing the meal for my family, but enjoying it with them.  This means the rest of the week, I had better be on top of things. 

Planning is the best route to success, although I have my secret weapons, I am planning on eating a lot of negative calorie cabbage soup (google the recipe it’s great) with some chicken.  I do take some artistic liberties with the recipe, because I like a lot of flavor in my food. 

Exercise is also high up on my agenda.  Hopefully a well planned week will allow me the freedom to enjoy our Easter celebrations without guilt.  

Until next week…. God bless each of you!  Celebrate Jesus taking your sins to the cross and fulfilling His promise to rise 3 days later….  He has risen indeed!!!!

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