April Fool’s Day

My day has not been great!

We have an older lady at church who brings toys for all the kids every Sunday to play with while the adults socialize. Nothing fancy, you know the kind of stuff you get from Oriental Trading Company. The beaded necklaces, small clacker thingys, those slap-it wrist bracelets, that kind of thing. This week were glow-in-the-dark bracelets. My daughter handed hers to me to bend into a circle and with the slightest bend of my wrist….SPLATTER! Orange goo hits me in the eye, splashes across the front of my favorite white shirt, light pink cami and up my neck and face. Awesome! I have to sit through the whole church service with orange spots and a damp shirt from my failed attempt to scrub it out in the ladies room. As the day has gone on the orange color has changed to a hot pink and now a pastel. I am hopeful that it will just come out in the wash.

While standing in front of the sink for so long, debating whether to just go home, I decided that not all mirrors are created equal. I have thought this other times as well. I don’t know what it is, but I look better, slimmer in my mirror at home. I leave the house feeling pretty good about myself. Even if no one else notices, I seem to see differences in my body. Slimmer hips, a smaller waist, a little more definition in my cheeks, but then I go out and catch a glimpse in a window reflection or public restroom and suddenly the confidence I had leaving the house is popped like a balloon. The church bathroom mirror seems to be a magnifier!

Is it just me or do you have a mirror that you look better in too?

The last week was a good one. I worked out 6 of the 7 days, even twice on one day. I had hoped to make it 7 today, but am not sticking too closely to that goal as the day wears on. Drank enough water for a long trek through the Sahara and did pretty well with my eating. I saw downward movement on my home scale but didn’t get to my “official” weigh-in. I have been on my CPAP machine for 9 nights now. I can’t make it the whole night before I am ripping that thing off my head. I am starting to think that everyone who told me I’d get use to it, or that people  love it so much they won’t even take a nap without, were just blowing smoke! I wear it because I have to, but hate it so far and really am not seeing a difference. I am still tired all the time and I am sure it doesn’t help my sleep to be fidgeting with the mask all night long. The doctor said to give it 4-6 weeks. It’s going to be a long month and a half!

Anywhoo…. How was your April Fool’s? Any good jokes played out there?



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