5:30 is NOT going to happen!!

Whew… It’s still Tuesday and I almost forgot to post.  Well, I got on the scale today and there was no movement.  I am grateful for that because there was not much exercising going on this week at my house.  The best laid plans, right??  Well, my husband and I seriously considered the 5:30 exercise classes at the Y, but that few extra hours of sleep in the morning was way to precious to part with….SO, I am back a regular routine of exercising in the afternoons and evenings.  

It is quite fun to see the encouragement my family is getting from my new found life choice.  My children are exercising and watching what they are putting in their bodies, and it brings me joy to have them encouraging me to continue to do what is healthy.  

I do hope I have good news to report next week after my v


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  1. Isn’t it nice that good habits are contagious too. Bad habits are easy to pick up, but it’s great to see positive changes are as well. You’re being a great example…see it shows in their behavior, and hopefully will become a normal lifestyle for you all. I’ve seen changes around here too. I’m happy the scale was not your enemy this week. I thought you were more than a little nuts with your 5:30AM plan. Glad you found out before you wiped yourself out trying, and are back on track with your more time-friendly plan! We’ll have to watch for a later class…maybe when the kids are at swim.

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