A girl walks into a store…………

It has been an interesting week.  Had my second sleep study. Everyone should be hooked up to wires and a mask and try to sleep. It’s a real treat! Closed on our refi of the house. It makes me want to cry how much equity we have lost in the 4 years since we built our house. It has turned our dream house into a nightmare. Got 2 kids to 3 doctor appointments. I am getting tired of cleaning up vomit and have made a serious dent in my cleaning supplies stock pile.  Found out that the change in my husband’s work schedule (going from nights 6p-6a to days 6a-6p) isn’t happening any time soon. Plus he has know decided to go for his doctorate in school. The loneliness is creeping in from being unable to have much time with him.  A bill was signed into law that will allow me to work from home. That will raise my profit margin. Ate decently worked-out 5 days and gained a pound from two weeks ago’s official weigh-in. The kicker was when I went shoe shopping.

I have been in need of new shoes. I had two I was rotating through, but my toes broke through one pair and my feet were starting to hurt in the others. (They were 2 years old. I guess that may have something to do with it.) My DH kept telling me I should go to a specialty shoe store whenever I was in town. Things kept coming up that I needed to get home for and didn’t have the extra time to stop. Actually, I was just avoiding the store. I think it is a joke that I am “running” and can just imagine what people would think when I walk into a store that caters to fit and athletic people. I have always worried about what others think. (Way too much according to my therapists) Not to mention the fact that they have you run on a treadmill while filming it to see what your feet are doing. At least at the gym, for the most part, everyone is in their own zone and not really paying attention to me and I am pretty sure no one is filming me! After this week’s runs my feet were numb and then painful. Not good.

I got up Friday determined to go to the store after work at noon. My anxiety was climbing as I tried to figure out if I should bring workout clothes to change into, the appropriate socks to wear, do I take my old shoes with me or not. Silly things as I think about it now, but genuine concerns then. As I pulled up to the store all I could see were 2 male employees and it hit me that my legs needed a good shave. I wasn’t trying to look special for anyone, but when someone will be in that vicinity, which your feet are attached to the legs, you don’t want them thinking “Man, she’s hairy!” I took at big breath and went in anyway and to my relief a female employee appeared and greeted me. “Thank you, Lord!” Despite the fact that she was probably no bigger around than my thigh, she was very nice. Put me in a pair of neutral shoes and to the treadmill we went. Luckily, I was the only one in the store! As I got off she was replaying the video and going through the analysis when she asked if I ran in high school or college? HA! She proceeds to tell and show me that my mechanics are perfect, no pronation, I land my foot well and roll correctly. She has been running most of her life and doesn’t have as nice a gait. “Some people are just born to run,” she says to me. Ha Ha! Me, a RUNNER! Wait, me a runner? She didn’t appear to be on drugs. Isn’t it funny, wondrous how God makes us?!

We tried on shoes and I had a bit more confidence. With each pair I started looking for more than comfort, but could I really run in them. I was made to run, I should run. Stop focusing on what I can’t do, (Not running the entire time I am on the treadmill, that will come) but on what I can do.

I went to the gym with a little more confidence that maybe I don’t look as ridiculous on the treadmill as I thought. As I was doing the strength portion of my workout, I was looking around and was struck with the thought that we are all made to move. To walk, jog, run, ride a bike, climb steps, row, jump rope, swim, lift a weight, stretch a band, even shake your booty in Zumba. God doesn’t want us to be prisoners in our bodies. He has made us with the ability to move and be free.

Apparently shoes are good for approximately 350 miles. These shoes and I are going to get to know each other and earn every one of those miles. Look, they even match my yoga mat!

Here are a few stats that will get me off the couch
– Being obese shortens your life span by 13 years. – Obesity more than doubles one’s chances of developing high blood pressure. – Nearly 70 percent of cardiovascular disease cases are related to obesity. – As many as 90% of individuals with type 2 diabetes are reported to be overweight or obese.- Every one pound of weight lost equals 5 pounds of pressure off the knees. – A 5% reduction in body weight can significantly reduce your chance of a heart attack.

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  1. “She didn’t appear to be on drugs.”You crack me up!

    “Kris, the runner” sounds good to me. I like your “aha” moment too. We ARE all made to move. Glad you were brave and went to the store. So glad you are getting medical help, but I still wish I lost as much weight as you in my “bad” weeks.

    Enjoy those new shoes.

  2. My mother has sleep apnea. I hope you see more energy and other positive changes as you continue with treatment. By chance, was it a Roadrunner store? It was interesting to watch myself running…unlike you, my beat up ankles need a lot of help to run. Running takes a bit to get into, but then you crave it. I hope you give it a good try!

  3. Thanks girls!
    No, Rae. I was at Boulder Running Company. I think they are only in Colorado. There are times I get a hint of craving it. Just a hint! It does give me some extra motivation though.

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