I’ve got news, bad news and good news

Well. I don’t know about this being new news but still no scale. Maybe they’ll kick me off since I’m saying the scale doesn’t matter to me right now. Kinda goes against the whole web title….

The bad news
My planned dinners didn’t go quite as planned as one might have hoped.

Monday: I had a bad headache so Ryan made the one dinner that he has in his arsenal, macaroni and cheese. Not Kraft, homemade with whole wheat pasta and grilled white chicken breast.

Tuesday: Salsa chicken night. Put a cup of salsa, can diced tomatoes, frozen corn and a can of kidney beans in a slow cooker for six hours on low. Shred and serve over rice with a dollop of low fat sour cream.

Wednesday: Dang Arby’s. I crave it when I don’t feel well, and I want to cook even less when I don’t feel well. It’s a double threat.

Thursday: Burritos, tortillas with fat free refried beans and leftover salsa chicken.

Friday: We were out house looking (we didn’t get the one we put an offer on earlier) so we went out to a BBQ place but we didn’t get any soda and we three shared a plate of food. So that’s better right?

Saturday was date night so I’m calling it free

Next week I’m going to try no eating out, whatsoever. Eating out was really the only naughty nights. The meals we make at home now are pretty healthy when we plan ahead.
Baked potatoes, Philly subs, French dip, spinach pasta, leftovers, campfire hash.

The good news
I got in three shredding sessions with Jillian. I do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. She has three levels that you are supposed to do for the days and then move up a level. I can’t do it yet ten days in a row. She kicks my trash in those 25 minutes. I can barely move after and can’t pick anything up the next day. But I have noticed my endurance change in just these five times. I can almost do all of the jumping jacks and squat presses she asks for. I’m going to try for three more shreds this week and if the weather continues to be nice some more walks and hikes.

Watch your calories in, calories out in happiness fellow watchers of weight.


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  1. Maybe we should really say “healthymatter.” Isn’t that really what we are all trying to do? Be healthy and live a long life enjoying our families? The scale number going down is just a bonus. I’m gonna have to try that salsa chicken. It sounds yummy!
    Keep the good news coming! You are doing great!

  2. The only rule is honesty on our blog! No scale rules. It’s not only about the kind of scale you weigh yourself on, but about scale – as in size. You had a good week! Glad you are enjoying Jillian. I’ve heard that is a tough workout. Good for you!!!

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