Impatiently Waiting

When you start a new plan, with new enthusiasm and excitement, you want to see results RIGHT AWAY! It’s a constant reminder I have to say out loud to myself – you didn’t get this way overnight and it’s not going to get better overnight either. I really don’t like that though. Is that ok? To really dislike having to wait. That’s where I am. I feel better (except that this is my week and I’m really trying to ignore all the symptoms that tend to arrive with that week) and know under my skin things are changing, but you just can’t see it on the outside yet.  Being that week, I can’t even get any good input from the scale…it’s always whack that week.  So, unhappily, I have to wait.

I know I’ve told my kids to wait…JUST WAIT.  It’s not as easy as my yelling might make me want it to seem.  But alas, I have no other option.  I have other actions though.  While waiting, I will work toward a superb showing next week.  Even though my body is telling me to eat junk, I will stick to my plan and wait for my St. Patty’s day free day.  That’s a good one to look forward to and work towards.  Even though my body is telling me to laze around, I will stick to my plan and get each of my workouts in excellently.  Even though my mind is telling me to relax, I will stick to my plan and get what needs to be done each day.

Eventually it will show.  I guess patience is my exercise this week as well…


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  1. Elvira Jorge aka curvy elvie

    You will get there. Let it go and just do what you do and you will see your clothes fitting loser and the scale going down.

  2. Michelle Spetic

    Really needed to read your Patience post.
    I’m wanting to see quick results too. Patience……

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