Sunday, Sunday….ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh-ah-ahhhhh

I am doing much better today. I got worse before getting better. I worked out Monday because even though the cough was increasing in my mind it was still a sickness from the neck up. Boy, did I pay for it though. The world wouldn’t stop spinning and I came home and just collapsed. I avoided the gym the rest of the week. My energy came in spurts anyway and used it to try to keep some semblance of order around the house rather than exercising.

I met with the sleep specialty doctor this past week and learned some interesting things and got some answers to my weight loss problems. My doctor has spent most of his medical career  studying sleep and is the authority many doctors go by. He diagnosed me with apnea coupled with insomnia. I go in for another sleep study this week with the CPAP machine to find the right level of oxygen for me. I learned that when you are suffering from apnea you have very little to no metabolism. You do not burn calories no matter what you do. If you have read my posts you know how frustrated I have been for over a year. How I couldn’t understand how I can train for a 5k and keep calories down and not see any progress. Or very little. It seems I have a predisposition for apnea and just need a trigger to set it off. At the moment I am caught in a cause and effect loop. Apnea raises your weight, weight increase aggravates apnea, which raises your weight and so on and so on. We were able to correlate my weight ups and downs in the past 10 years with the times in my life I can say I was sleeping better or worse. As I have gotten older, it has gotten harder to self regulate. My doctor is very confident that once I start on the treatment I will see the weight, assuming I keep doing what I am doing, will start to come off. Once I get down 20+ pounds, he thinks the apnea will resolve and I won’t need the oxygen at night. Then barring another trigger, probably won’t need treatment again. Although I have been told that most people don’t want to stop due to how well and energized they feel in the morning.

I know it isn’t a “miracle drug” weight loss, but the idea that my hard work will start to pay off and more energy to boot, Yes, Please!

I didn’t make it to my official weigh in on Friday. The doctor’s scale said I maintained last week and my home scale said I gained. (It is never the same as the “official” scale at Kaiser) So I really do not know where I stand.

I will be at the gym in the morning. How about you?

“In time of difficulties, we must not lose sight of our achievements.” Mao Tse-Tung


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