Since the scale has not been my friend I’ve decided to have longer periods of time in between weigh ins. I did so much better this week that I would be devastated to see a gain so I decided to not let it give me a reason to bake the frozen cookie dough in my freezer. Because if I did better and gained then I might as well eat a few cookies right? And man are my nerves crying out for some comfort food because we are waiting to see if our bid is accepted this weekend for a house!

So, my goal to workout every week day went really well. This week was a bad one for the specific time period I had planned on but I didn’t let those stop me. I let Jillian try to shred my body twice (which afterwards felt like I had literally been shredded) and three walks and twenty running sprints across my church’s gym.

Food wise I did ok. I traded in my cookies for a snack for bananas with chocolate syrup or apples with string cheese. I made some healthy dinners and watched my intake of things that are not so healthy. It’s motivated me to do better next week. I know I can.

This week I’m going to keep trying on the exercise but I thought might also try to plan our dinners out a little better. Here’s this weeks menu.

Crepes filled with: sliced deli ham, mozzarella and we are going try spinach
and sugarless canned peaches, cinnamon and fat free whipped cream

Pasta: sliced mushrooms, squash, and whole wheat angel hair pasta with cubed chicken and Alfredo sauce (the packet kind made with skim milk and butter spread)

Chicken fajitas: tortillas filled with sautéed peppers and onions, cubed chicken and a dollop of fat free sour cream

Baked Ziti Recipe here

Baked potatoes: potatoes with sour cream, broccoli, cheese and diced deli ham

“choose night”

Teriyaki chicken bowls


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  1. I’m coming to your house for dinner! BTW – excellent job with the exercise. Keep getting shredded. It’s good for you 😉

  2. Great Plan!! Before you know it the scale will be your friend.

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