Easy peasy lemon squeezy

I noticed this week that all my blog friends seem to be in the same state of slupdom as I am. What is up with us? Glad they/you are all still here and still writing. Persistence is key to success….at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I gave myself a bye last week. It’s time to face the music.

About a month ago I posted that I’d only lost 2 pounds in a month. In the same amount of time I’ve gained those stupid 2 pounds back. S.T.U.P.I.D. Why is it so much easier to gain weight than it is to lose it?! Because I really have to want it? This is hard work.

Hard work and persistence.

I’ve let myself succomb to stress lately. You don’t want to know all the details. I mean, I know you’ve heard about my period, deaths in my family, and seen me in a bathing suit but I think that hearing about the stresses in other people’s lives is too depressing to be interesting. “They” say that stress causes your body to hold on to the fat…and hold onto the bad fat that just sits around your middle. The kind of fat I am encumbered with.

Hard work, persistence, and don’t forget to relax.

Piece of cake…just as long as you don’t eat it.

Wish me luck.


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  1. what kind of cake we talking abt here? 😉 Sorry you’re stressed. I think it actually is helpful we are all still writing. Hope this week gets better for you! love ya, lady!

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