Reality Check

Lately I’ve been feeling so bad about myself. I’ve been so tired. I’m emotionally and physically drained. ALL the time. I haven’t been working out because that extra 45 min of sleep is not an option right now. I NEED it. But who’s to say that you have to work out at 3 in the morning? {K, so I don’t EVER work out that early but still…} I come home from work and I’m pooped! See, I’m full of excuses.

Yesterday at 5:00 p.m. I decided to weigh. Why? Because I wanted to depress myself after eating junk food for the previous 3 days… it really wasn’t my smartest move. After weighing in 4lbs more than last week I went into the front office and talked to my two friends I work with. I guess I shouldn’t say I talked to them, because I started to cry. Ridiculous. I did nothing to make that scale go the opposite way. I ate horribly, I didn’t work out, I ate late. I indulged {a lot} in carbs. Thankfully, I woke up this morning and I have only gained 2lbs. and learned my lesson about weighing at night. I will NEVER do that again!

So today I had the day off to go to dr appointments and decided that I need to change. A lot. I need to stop talking and start doing. I needed motivation though so I started looking through some pictures. Bry took the most recent 2 pics last week. I obviously need to learn to wear a black bra with that dress, excuse the inappropriateness ;). But looking through the other pics, I see how far I’ve come. I feel a little proud of my progress. No, I’m not at my “goal weight” heck, I’m not even to my lowest weight. But how many people can HONESTLY say that they’ve lost 100lbs and have kept it off? Not too many. So my reality check came today. And it made me want to try harder. It made me want to be able to get to my goal weight, which is a lot closer than when I first started.

Britt and I 4 months before my surgery

Jess and I about 2 years before my surgery

Me 6 weeks before my surgery...Yikes!

See the changes?

Told you I needed a black bra with this dress!


So here’s to a new week, a fresh start, and looking forward while realizing how far you’ve come! 🙂

Btw, Brtt and Jess are such great friends I knew they wouldn’t care if I posted their pics without permission! Love you girls, thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin…literally! 😉




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  1. I think you look wonderful and are an inspiration. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  2. I am so glad you posted those pictures! I know I haven’t seen you in real life since you lost all the weight, but I already have a “skinny Autumn” mental picture of you. I’d forgotten your “before” look. You have made amazing, AMAZING progress. Don’t beat yourself up….that won’t get you anywhere. Just get back to the basics.

    You are awesome and I love you.

  3. Sis-wu…you are absolutely amazing!! I don’t even remember the pics of you before, and after seeing them I realize the BIGGEST thing I noticed, and it wasn’t weight. You look happy, with your body and your self. You used to pull up your shoulders and lift your head akwardly because you weren’t super comfy with a pic being taken. Now…yowza, you show off that hot bod!! I cannot tell you what an example you have, and continue to be for me. I love you sooooo much, and cannot wait to take a pic together of the new US this summer. Keep keepin’ on, we will get there…and look hot all along the way. =)

  4. Autumn you look AMAZING. Be proud! You’re gorgeous!

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