I am as shocked as you are to see myself typing. I seriously cannot put my head around the fact that days are flying by me and I have no idea where they are going. “Busy” is a term used for the occasional full-schedule that throws you off your game. “Insane” is the term I like to use to describe my life lately. I finally called a “pause” this week and hit the brakes on my running around like a crazy woman..to an extent, because let’s face it..do Mom’s ever truly slow down??

 To be completely honest, my goals have been “less than achieved” these days. I haven’t been working out, my eating has been on again off again, and the scale HATES ME. In a nutshell I feel like I have gone completely MIA on everything I am trying to work on, and I am ready for an “easy” button. Since I live in reality and not the staples store, I really need to put my big girl panties on and step up!! Which is what my intentions are, now..today..as we speak.

  Do you dread meals? I do. I dread having to think in-depth about every little carb, calorie and protein I am ingesting. So, I haven’t been, well for the most part. Lately I have taken the ..”.I am too tired t fix a complex meal, I’ll just do this” route entirely too often. “This” consists of old stand by’s that are easy to fix, sometimes easy to eat (I do have lapband after all), and entirely the wrong direction to make my scale become my friend again. Time to climb up out of the dust of this wagon that I fell from. Ready..let’s go!

 This morning I am having a protein shake for breakfast..not late morning like I usually do because I am not hungry yet. I am going to attempt to stay one step ahead of the hunger. I may go the same direction for lunch, or go crazy and have the tuna I have seen staring me down in my cupboard as I (insert head drop of shame here) made COOKIES yesterday!!  I know..I know..what is this world coming to!!

Exercise. Hmmm..now that one is a bit trickier. Bob has been on his own for a while, no speaking, no face time. If I am going to stay in again today and keep with my “seclusion and no running around” promise, then I think we may get re-aquainted. I have also realized. I can do a push up. I can. No seriously. They aren’t pretty, and the Army PT people would eat me alive..but they are push ups none the less. And, my goal for the day is 20 of those little puppies before my protein shake, along with these nasty little things called sit ups (40 is my goal there). starting slow, and easing my way back. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!!!


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  1. Push ups and sit ups are HARD! Good for you, sister! Bob and Tony need to become our friends again! Keep on keeping on! Love you, sis-wu!

  2. UPDATE: I was a protein shake drinking machine today. Pushups happened, situps were not TOTALLY accomplished, but I am working on it. Had a busy schedule jump into the scene I wasn’t expecting..a little ballerina was needing to start her class =)
    Overall..I am pleased with how today went, which is saying a lot for me. LOL

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