A bit discouraged. :(

After a week of eating well, and exercising five of the seven days this week, I was actually excited about getting on the scale this morning.   I anxiously got up, went through my morning “weigh in” routine and voila!!!  I lost 0 pounds!  no, that is not a 10 missing the one, it is a big zero!!!  Oh my goodness, I was incredibly disappointed.   

So, I went to the couch, had my cup of coffee, and reminded myself that I had to keep going, and “let my success catch up with me.”  I do also remember that right now I am working on my spiritual fruit “patience”, and let me tell you, it is so much easier said than done.  

I found my patience being tested the rest of the day.  Life, I find is not the easiest place to practice patience.  Unfortunately, I find myself looking in the cupboard for a little “pick me up” instead of hopping on the treadmill in the garage.   

In all honesty, I did “hit the cupboard” today, but I also “hit the treadmill”.  Not a perfect day, but certainly better balanced than it could have been.   It is a new week, I plan to keep pushing for that big 30, and hope the success catches up with me by May 31st.

Love to you all!!!!  Happy week.


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  1. Your doing great, keep it up.

  2. I think patience is one if not the hardest fruit to work on. Give yourself some grace. (Advice I need to listen too as well) Don’t give up!

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