This week I’ve been trying to work on planning. Saturday I made a meal plan for the week and went grocery shopping. By the time I get home from work I’m so tired I don’t have the energy to cook dinner {sad, but true story} so the night before I’ve been prepping the meal and putting it in the fridge with foil and then the hubs pops it in the oven when I leave work and I get to come home to a hot, home cooked meal. It’s a win win here, folks! I can’t believe how much this little preparation has helped me this week. The bonus is that I have leftovers to take for lunch the next day, so I don’t have  to spend money on lunch. It’s great.  

Another thing I’ve been working on is not weighing. I told Bry I was only going to weigh on Thursday mornings, but that didn’t last. But I did only weigh 3 times this week, which is pretty good for me. This morning I weighed and I’m down 2 lbs. That’s a good, healthy weight loss. I’m proud of that. Especially after all the stress that’s been happening my life. Yesterday I had a bad afternoon…. I *may* have indulged in some chocolate dipped pretzels. I realize that they weren’t going to change the bad day, but they sure did taste good. And you know what, it’s ok that I indulged.It is not realistic for me to say that I will never have chocolate, or candy, or ice cream again. Everything in moderation, right?

So, my goal for this next week is to continue to plan my dinners and to add in some exercise. I did go walking on Monday, but I need to kick that up a notch. Also, to try and remember that emotions, happy, sad, whatever they may be, does not mean that it’s a chance for me to eat poorly.

Hope everyone has had a good week!





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  1. Autumn – you are an inspiration, thank you for sharing. Good luck to you on your continued journey.

    I’ve never in my entire life struggled with weight until these last few years and I now realize how blessed I have been (albeit rather cursed at the moment). I’ll be reading your blog to keep me on track! Planned meals are the way to go – now that Lee isn’t working again, he’ll be my go to guy for cooking healthy dinners again.

    love you!

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