Getting Back on Track

I’ve found that I am excellent at maintaining my current weight…since that’s NOT what I’ve been trying to do, I am changing things up.

I did Body for Life several years ago and had a rockin’ body, if I may say so myself.  That was the beginning of my decline. In 2004 I had elective surgery on my knee because of troubles I had found at the gym.  It was done while remodeling our kitchen so I was set up in the front room with my machines and had wonderful friends bring us food. Boy that’s a long recovery! After knee surgery, during the summer of that year, I broke my wrist getting out of the way of a HUGE spider and had a cast on all the way above my elbow because of where the break was. I had that cast on forever too – because of the kind of break it was. The following year, just before summer, I broke my ankle while playing capture the flag at an Awana camp. We went to the ER, got me fixed with a temporary cast and some really good meds, and went back up to camp since we were running the show. The next summer, I found out I had Mono and that troubled me for quite a long time – you have to keep to yourself, and don’t have the energy to do anything anyway…boy was I depressed.  Food was such a comforting companion for me.

Well, I’ve been fine for a few years now, and have yet to get my rear in gear completely.  I have begun running and know that is something I want to keep doing, but have had some issues with my “good” ankle.  I had an MRI recently and found I have sinus tarsi syndrome and tendonitis.  My ortho doc, actually I really don’t want to claim him as mine, he told me I was old and needed to change my activities to something more suited to my age.  What!  I’m too old to run!? I’m 40!  You suck!! He did an injection for the sinus tarsi and I did get a Rx for some physical therapy out of him and a Rx for some running orthotics and plan to never go back.  Fortunately my chiropractor is on my team.  He told me I was too old for sprints but I should be able to run until I want to stop.  I’ve been back to see him numerous times and feel we’re making progress.  He’s also helping me with my hip – IT band is tight.  We’re fixing me one piece at a time.

Unfortunately this has put me in a bit of a tailspin emotionally as well as some fun personal things going on at home.  I was also sick with a cold and didn’t want to whine about it all last week so I kept my trap shut.  Wise!  So…this week has been a regrouping week.  I’ve determined I need to reevaluate what I’m doing and do something I’ve had success with.  We’re fixing the room where our Bowflex is in and I will be using it a couple times a week as well as continuing to run a couple times a week.  I will be changing my eating completely to the Body for Life program and will watch my body change right before me and you…hopefully!  That’s the plan anyway.  My husband decided we would be taking our Hawaii vacation in July, so that’s some pretty decent motivation as well.

OH, I forgot I have a trainer too…I haven’t scheduled any appointments with her, but now that I know what I’m doing, I plan to get that call in tomorrow.  Ready team, break!  Have an awesome week…regroup and get going if you’ve stalled like I did.  We can do this thing!


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  1. Everything I do with you makes it easier to do. Thanks for being my BFF. LOVE YOU!

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