Since my weigh-in on Friday, I have been rattling around this week’s blog in my head. Before I tell you how it went, let me recap this week.

As I said last week I gave myself a pass for a get away with the hubby. We left early afternoon on Sunday. We ate out and enjoyed ourselves immensely. I didn’t go crazy but I also didn’t say no to the fried macaroni and cheese triangles. Why is cheese so much better when it is fried? We stayed in a 4 star hotel(Thank you Living Social Coupons!) and had breakfast at a place we were told we had to try. On the way home we went to the Ikea store for the first time. That place is evilly designed to not let you escape without spending money and after walking around their maze for 2 hours, despite my best efforts to keep us moving, we did spend money. Next stop was an outdoor outlet mall and another hour of walking before getting home before dark. I go through all that because that was it for exercise this week. Not one workout made it in my schedule. Nothing else!

I came home to a flurry of messages and emails from my job and spend the next 2 days in meetings about budgets and taxes. Then have been working at fixing things late into the nights. We ate out 3 more times this week for lack of time. More than we would have in a month!

I had no misconceptions about the number the scale would show, but still did my weigh in. Now they use your “base” weight (from the first weigh in) to  determine how much you gain or  lose. From my base weight, I lost. that’s right I said lost, 4.4lbs. Now when you also consider that my weight last week was up 2.4lbs it means that from last Friday to this I lost, LOST, 6.8 pounds! Seriously! Seriously!?

As this has been going round and round in my head I went back over things and have found something interestingly frustrating! The weeks that I have lost the most and I am talking about before I was blogging about it as well, have been the times that I did nothing right! When I eat right and keep my calories around 1200,workout faithfully, and sleep better, I lose nothing and often gain. What is that about! It makes no sense what so ever!!

Watch me get in my workouts this week, watch what I eat and be sensible and have a gain at the end next Friday.

I have no inspiring story this week or helpful tip. This week is ridiculous! Guess I need to vent! I know this is crazy.You are probably thinking she lost, and not just a little. A significant loss. Why is she upset? It’s this conflicting thought process going on in my head. Thoughts of why bother with all the exercise and proper eating. Why don’t I have these losses when I have worked hard all week and deserve to see a reward? How is this suppose to help keep my motivation for going to the gym when my best results come when I avoid it? I can’t make sense of it. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I have a theory. I think that what we do takes two weeks to show up on the scale. Does that help with the results and timing issue you’re having? Or maybe it’s just a cycle your body needs….I don’t know. I have no medical training whatsoever. BUT I am happy for your big loss!!!

  2. Congrats, it can get frustrating and confusing, but a loss is a loss, try not to over think it and enjoy! Wish my scale would read that when I veer off track a bit. Good job 😉

  3. I wish it was as simple as every 2 weeks. It really does coincide with when I have a bad week and work out less or none and am not as vigilant about my eating. Since I try to not schedule those weeks, LOL the last bad week one was 3weeks ago and then 5 before that(Christmas), and then Thanksgiving, and our vacation in September. The rest of the time I gain and lose the same 5 pound range. I’ll have a bad week, a big loss, and that new weight becomes the base that I hang around. It is a frustrating cycle. I am happy to have a loss. I am just not understanding this cycle. Neither does the trainer at the gym or my doc. Sigh

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