Sorry blog friends

So sorry for the absence guys. We started looking into buying a home and it has consumed my life. It’s such a huge choice. I don’t know how to spend money let alone that much money. It’s crazy.
Anyway, my life has taken a drastic turn away from my daily goals. Let’s take for example my morning. Here’s how I wish it went.

Wake up
Work out for half an hour
Wake up my daughter
Get her ready for the day
Get ready for the day
Eat breakfast
Do the dishes
Find something fun me and my daughter to do together

I think the following morning is an example of what happens when I don’t sleep well and between looking for a house and staying up too late to catch up on what I don’t seem to be able accomplish during the day, my mornings turn out more like this.

Wake up because my husband is leaving for work and my daughters already awake
Turn on a show for her and make her toast and get her some juice to eat so I can maybe lay in my bed and concentrate on waking up for twenty minutes
Turn on another show and check my email and homes because I might as well be doing something if I can’t or won’t move
Get breakfast for myself
Think about doing dishes and sometimes getting them done

And by now I’m usually onto making her lunch. I’d say most days we are out of our pajamas by lunch but sometimes we aren’t.

Another one pound loss. I know there is room for improvement but I’m still glad that it is loss and not gain. I need new energy to change my life style and a source of peace over this whole where my family is going to live.

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