i should be doing homework

…but I’d rather sound a little loopy and too tired to write well in homework for my online history class than I would here on my favorite blog. I’ve got my priorities! I’ve got to post before I’m babbling on incomprehensibly….like last week’s post…that I deleted a whole paragraph from after I read it the next day.

I made some big decisions and changes this week, but my weight stayed the same (affirmation that 2 good workouts and half heartedly watching what I eat is my maintenance formula). I joined a gym. I wanted to do this without having to put out big money for a gym or a trainer or any of those other things people invest in to help them lose weight. Low cost weight loss! But this week I realized that if I’m going to get my workouts in I need help. I need to diversify my workouts. I need more options than walking since my stupid foot thing hurts every time I walk/jog. I don’t own a bike. February is too cold to swim in an outdoor pool…even in California. So I joined the gym. I needed to recognize my limitations and increase my resources.

Now that my semester has started I have to seriously plan ahead. I don’t like to plan ahead. My goal for this week is to write down how I’m going to workout on each day that I plan to get exercise in and to get at least 4 workouts in. I’ve been filling the fridge and pantry with healthier snacks and foods that I can take on the run, but I haven’t been packing them to take with me. Someone reminded me this week that it’s best for metabolism if I eat 5 or 6 small meals a day. I’ve been sneaking in 2 meals and maybe a snack. My other goal for the week is to plan my food the night before for each day and on days when I’m going to be on campus for many hours (most days) that I pack plenty of healthy, happy, weight loss friendly food.

Ugh. Planning. Why do I have such an aversion to planning ahead? I guess if I could figure that out I wouldn’t be blogging instead of working on the homework assignment I haven’t started that is due in 2 hours.

Wish me luck!


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