I’ll try or I want to?

There is a real difference between the phrases “I’ll try” and “I will”. The same can be said for “I want to” and “I plan to”.

Many people who start a weight loss program want to lose weight. They also try to change how they eat and the activities they do. People sho successfully lose weight plan how it will occur by setting goals about when, where, and what they will do in how much time.

You plan to eat vegetables with every meal on Monday. Tell yourself “I will take the stairs on my way to….” Or “I will get on the treadmill tonight even if it is just for 10 minutes.” Supposedly making the simple change in thinking from “I’ll try…..” to “I will…” can have a profound effect on your success. But what happens when all your plans don’t seem to be working.

I made no excuses this week. Workouts were a priority no matter what else I had going on.  I had projects that had to be done this week as well and things did not go as planned. It all resulted in having to work on things late so I didn’t get to sleep before one or even two in the morning. Not once. Then was right back up at 530 or 6. I found myself resenting the time I spent at the gym instead of working and having that time to get more sleep.

I didn’t eat badly, in fact there were a couple of days where my calorie intake didn’t go over 800 but with healthy foods. I just had no time. I had stress combined with lack of sleep and the scale showed it in a gain this week. Holy Crow, Really! My goals that I had set and planned on how to achieve seem to just mock me as they just keep inching farther away out of reach.

I am starting off this week with an overnight get away with the hubby. I am not going to lie. I am giving myself a pass for the next 24 hours. I think, feel, no I know I need this for many reasons. To decompress, rest, sleep, reconnect with my love, to just recharge. Ready to tackle things anew. Which I will.

How about you? “Trying” or “Doing”?


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  1. Sleep is an important part of weight loss. Our bodies are picky. You have to have just the right combination of sleep, exercise, calories, stress, relaxation…Keep on working to find your magic combination.

    Your post is a good reminder for what I want to accomplish. My behavior needs to be in line with my goals.

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