Switchin It Up

I’ve been thinking about this post for the past 24 hours. Yesterday when I was talking to Aims on my way to a meeting after we started talking about our eating she asked me the dreaded question, “well, how much are you weighing now?”. I hate that question with a passion. I’m embarrassed by the number and don’t like admitting it to myself, let alone my sis-wu. {That’s the reason you all don’t know my special number} But for some reason yesterday I told Amy. I also explained that between November and December I gained 10lbs. Gulp. She then told me that she wanted to lose “X” amount by the time we have our family vacation in August, and told me that if we lost 10lbs a month we’d be down 50lbs by that time. To which I quickly informed her that I couldn’t pull those numbers any more after maintaining my weight for almost 2 years. Amy was encouraging and told me, “yes you can, you just have to switch up what you are doing”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given people this EXACT advice. It really got me thinking. We all know that quote about “if you do what you’ve always done you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten” {I’m paraphrasing} I don’t know why I think I was going to get different results by doing the same things. Because I’m not. So… Amy and I are going to be checking in and keeping each other honest. I thought about calling her today while I was at work and could have killed a person for chocolate, but I didn’t, I just grabbed a Kroger Carb Master yogurt {you really have to try these, folks!!!} and sat at my desk proud of my decision.

So, this next week I’m switching it up. Saturday me and my bestie are going to make dinner for the week so I’ll be prepared and will have healthy meals waiting for me to eat up. I’m also going to exercise 3 times next week. I weighed this morning and am down 2.2 lbs {freaking about time} and I hope to report a similar number next week!

Ohhh, also, I’m going to post what I made for dinner tonight. LOVE this super easy, low carb recipe I found on pinterest! Try it, tell me what you think!! Ohhh, and I’d love you if you posted meals for me to try too, switchin it up is easier when you have new things to try!!

Enchilada Casserole

3 chicken breasts {shredded or use a rotisserie chicken if you are short on time}

1 can enchilada sauce

1 small can diced green chiles

1 can black beans, rinsed

2 cups shredded cheese {if you aren’t a huge cheese eater, you don’t need this much.. it’s just so much better cheesier! Isn’t everything?!}

So, cook your chicken, shread it and mix with the other ingredients, except the cheese.  Put in a casserole dish and cover with cheese. Cook at 350 for about 30 min. YUM! Adding a dollip of sour cream makes this Ahhhh-may-zing!!! Bon Appetit!





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