I have a fuzzy head. I’m blaming my bad week on that, my head just wasn’t working right.  I seriously couldn’t breathe well this week so I layed off exercise completely.  My itchy eyes, rough throat, and constant sniffles with the lovely sinus congestion didn’t help.  HOWEVER, it didn’t seem to keep me from eating. I had the craziest cravings, mexican food – maybe because it’s a strong flavor, and sweets!  By the end of the week I needed sweets…and so I made them…and ate them!  TMan loved my cinnamon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting too.  See!  A fuzzy head.  I noticed when I looked at the calendar that these last couple days are the beginning of that pre-week for me…the one where I have crazy cravings and low self-control.  Add a fuzzy head = disaster.  I actually gained 2 pounds instead of losing the 2 I needed to win the battle to the 160’s.  The war is not over.   I’m not too upset about it.  I realize my error and I’m ready to watch my foods more carefully and drink more water…flood myself with water!  I look forward to all the fluff disappearing from my head.  In the mean time, instead of skipping all exercise I plan to use some of my free weights and get in a little strength training.  Nothing too intense, but something and maybe a slowly paced walk on the treadmill (since it’s supposed to rain Tues and Wed).  I plan to get to bed at a more decent time…say 11pm.  I plan to fill my fridge with fruits I can use to substitute the sweets I’m craving.  I plan to do better.



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