Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

If you have a Facebook account you have probably seen this picture floating around. It has haunted me lately.

There are facts about my life. I have a husband who works nights and is back in school. I have four kids with schedules, the school-age ones are homeschooled. I have two jobs one of which is a promotion that I had to take on sooner that expected and with less training than was planned. I am dealing with a mess that was left by my predecessor. Stress levels are high.

How easy it is to take the facts of our lives and turn them into the excuses for not doing things. I find myself already thinking about the week I have coming up and how hard it will be to keep a regular gym schedule. Then when I miss a day I can say “I had a meeting.” “Who eats well at a Super Bowl Party?” “I am getting away with the husband, why not indulge?”

I set myself up to be ready with my excuses instead of seeing my workouts just as important as that deadline at work or that appointment that must be kept. I need to see them as just another “fact” of my life that must be taken care of every day. I need to see myself and my health as a priority that is just as important if not more so than anything else that I may have to do.

I did better than I am now last year. I can make my “excuses” that my life is twice as busy but why can’t I just reprioritize things to accommodate everything. Better yet perhaps learn to say “no” to things that will hinder my ability to get on that treadmill. Even if that means saying “no” to myself. Like “No” to staying up later after I finally get the kids to bed to watch my guilty pleasure shows or perusing the internet. Go to bed so I can get up early to get a workout in before the day gets too hectic. Why not just get on the elliptical or pop in a workout video after the littlest ones are in bed.Why?!?!

My excuses are invalid!


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