A Dose of My Own Medicine

Well, I’ve somehow made it through another week. It’s been a long week, and I wasn’t good with my goals. I didn’t go walking with my neighbors once. Bry was in the hospital until Saturday afternoon and this week has been chalk full of Dr appointments.Intercaranial hypertension is the diagnosis he was finally given {after 7 months who would have thought a neuro ophthalmologist would be the one to diagnose him?} . Basically too much spinal fluid that’s causing him problems. So, a spinal tap and a shunt should take care of that!

While I’ve been going through all of these medical problems with my husband I realized how I have not been taking care of myself. I have been sleeping fewer hours than a human should. I’ve been grabbing food that was convenient, and there is no one to blame but me. So I woke up this morning and decided enough was enough. I grabbed my favorite yogurt from the fridge {Kroger Carbsmart– 60 calories 8 grams of protein and like 3 grams of sugar! Vanilla Chai is to die for!}, a string cheese, and headed out to work. For lunch I went to Chipotle and had a burrito bowl sans the rice and added lettuce. For dinner, homemade chili. All great choices! When I logged my calories {the Lose It app is AMAZING} I stayed within my caloric intake {actually 200 calories below it!} and  I feel satisfied. It’s amazing how easy it is to get off the wagon, but how much better you feel when you get back on.

I’m making just one goal tonight. I want to register for a 5k by next week. I want to ultimately do the breast cancer 3 day, but one step at a time, right? So a 5k it is.

Oh, I totally forgot!!!! I weighed today….btw, working where there is a scale is not easy. At all. Anyways, I weighed… and I maintained. I’m not going to lie, my emotions were mixed. I was a tad relieved that I didn’t gain because it would just tempt me not to post tonight. But I was disappointed in myself that I didn’t even lose an ounce. Like, I was EXACTLY where I was last week. I wish I could blame it on hormones, or something but honestly, it was all my decisions that I made that effected my weight. So, as I was giving myself a guilt trip a patient came into my office and weighed. She had maintained… you know what I told her? “That’s great! It’s better than gaining, right?!” and I truly believed that for her. So, now I have to take a big, fat dose of my own medicine and remind myself “that’s great! It’s better than gaining, right?!” One day, I’ll believe that for myself.;)

BTW, my hubs just said the funniest thing about me blogging on here.. “it’s like your own personal weight watchers without paying for it. You blog once a week, and weigh in once a week” Kinda true though, so thank you, ladies {I’m assuming the other 6 who blog are the only ones reading my posts lol} for being my support! Have a great week!!




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  1. Yes we are reading! Believe the advice you give! Maintaining is better than gaining!

  2. I read your post!!! I think you did pretty darn good for going through such a rough week and not gaining, that is awesome. You truly are an inspiration and as I am about to start my weight loss journey soon I look up to you, you are a great example and I’m so glad that I have you as my friend=)!!

  3. Can I run a 5k with you? I’d probably die. 🙂 I need your motivation so I can lose weight too! Ever since I got on the Metformin, I just expected it to make me lose weight since my dr said that might happen—but apparently, it doesnt work that way for me. 😦 So I have to lose weight the real way and try to keep it off.

  4. It’s easier for all of us to do the “Do as I say not as I do.” Give advice but not take it ourselves. We are also our own worst critics. You are doing great and perhaps with some sleep you will see it. Take care of yourself sweetie! I pray things begin to turn around now that you have a diagnosis and treatment plan!

  5. Great job! I belong to weight watchers and aroun the holidays I kind of took a break. Wasn’t taking my medication, wasn’t counting points, eating chocolate, etc..I weighted in last Monday and to my surprise I only gained .4! I said to the husband I’m thankful to have made it through the holidays with minimal damage, however, I was depressing to think where I could have been if I stuck to the plan!

  6. Totally not just the other 6 who post that are reading it!! I started my “lifestyle change” this week and it’s really difficult not to climb on that scale everyday and beat myself up for my lack of progress. But maintaining is WAY better than gaining!! (ps. Glad they finally diagnosed Bry and you guys can move forward!)

  7. I doubt that we’re the only ones reading, but it seems others are too shy to comment…? Even if no one else is reading: free support group… Woohoo!

    I think that maintaining in a week like that is an unbelieably awesome success!!! I am so glad they found the cause of your hubs problems! Good job on the choices you made “today” too. That is what it is about. Staying committed.

  8. I’m not shy about posting. Just lazy. All of you are amazing to be sharing so openly. I’m one of AB’s friends and I read your posts. I always knew AB was fantastic, so I’m not surprised that all of her friends blogging here are fantastic too. Keep up the good work.

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