24 hours

   I just said “Goodbye” to my hubby for the next 24 hours. He gets the “privilege”, LoL of staff duty, and I get to play Super Mom. My cape had been collecting dust on a shelf since he got back from deployment, I almost forgot what it felt like to have it on my shoulders once more. It had an eerie comparison to how I feel about my weight-loss. I was not “skinny” when I met my husband. I was not obese either. I had a bit more junk in my trunk than I would’ve liked, but overall I was pretty healthy. Looking back at those years, I realized how active I was too. I would literally walk everywhere. I loved it. I have never been a go-to-the-gym type of girl. I don’t have the discipline, nor the guts to flaunt my flab in front of others. LoL. Walking was my escape. I was able to clear my head and pounce on the pounds with every step.

  I did the same thing over the past year while Allan was deployed. My trusty jogging stroller and I became inseparable as Cwynn became my walking partner. I recaptured my love of walking..pushing my distances further and further until I was reaching 5 miles a day. I realized this morning as I dusted off my Super Mom cape, that my running shoes were also looking a bit forlorn and dusty. Had I really ignored them for that long? Yep. I had. Kansas weather has been fickle lately, and at the moment we are blessed with temps nearing 60 degrees. Before the forecast changes, I am lacing up my shoes and loading my jogging stroller (and walking partner) into the van. There is an awesome walking trail outside of post I have been dying to try, and I think today looks like a great day.I was researching how far it is, huh..5 miles….BRING IT!!!!!

     Dusty capes and running shoes make me realize how just a small amount of time can change my weight-loss attitude. The weight hasn’t been falling off lately as it did in the beginning. It wasn’t that I lost sight of my goals, but I lost me. I was so wrapped up in moving, kids, school changes, and husband stuff that I forgot to step back and reasess where I was headed.The scale has held steady this past week..thank heavens, so I need to make it move. In the RIGHT direction. My goal is to lose these last few pounds to get to my 100lb total weight-loss before I see my bariatric surgeon in a few weeks. It’s not many, and totally achieveable..if I keep the dust bunnies away. So it took a 24 hour duty for my husband, for me to rediscover my path. Now I just need to start walking it!!!!

  Have an awesome week..brush off some dust bunnies and keep moving forward, we are in this together.


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  1. You are awesome. Enjoy your walk…er…walks 🙂

  2. Dust bunnies are the devils advocates 😉 Love you, sis wu… we should chat soon! Walking is what I attribute most of my weight loss in the beginning… I don’t think I ever did 5 miles {Giovanni was a tad older that Cwynn and would whine to me that he was tired of sitting in the stroller lol}. So keep it up!! Love you!!

  3. Thank you for your post. I love the cape reference. My hubby usually travels for work and is gone Mon – Thursday but has been home for 3 months now and its been hard to keep some of the normal “healthy” routines going. I just want a hang out all the time. Thanks for the post.

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