Like It, Not Yet Loving It

For so many years, I have sat and watched my children do activities;  My main motivation was so they were accustomed to exercise and would not turn out like me…fat.   A few months ago, I was inspired to take the time my small people were in their activities and go into the gym (it is attached to the pool they are swimming in) and get some of my own activity in.  So, I started, not very diligent at first, but now it is becoming more of a routine, and  I’m liking it, not loving it yet, but liking it.  
Last night, I left the house to get to the Y, upon arriving, I realized that I had left my sneakers at home.  It was so easy for me to shoot a text to my friend and tell her I would not be in the gym as my shoes were at home.  The response I received was, well, not what I was expecting;  It read “Well, you have plenty of time to go home and get them”.   WOW, what a thought?  I was prepared for a response more like “bummer,” or “next time,” or “don’t worry about it there’s always tomorrow”.  I sat in my car for a few minutes, and contemplated on whether or not I wanted to drive the 2 miles home or stay sitting by the pool watching my kiddo’s swim.  Oh, how I wanted to choose the latter!  But I didn’t, I figured that someone cared enough to call me out, I had better be grateful enough to get off that ever expanding behind of mine and do something to shrink it.  So, I did and was very pleased with the decision.  

I am obviously still working on the “fruit” self-control, but working on it I am.  

I would love to take this opportunity to recognize each of you, my friends and my family, my family that are friends, and my friends that are family;  You are all a blessing in my life!  You have stood by me, when I couldn’t, or just wouldn’t stand alone;  You have laughed with me, and sometimes at me but always with love in your heart;  You have given me a listening ear, and more importantly a listening heart when I most needed it;  You have prayed for and with me when I have been most desperate.  You have all been there to witness God work in my life to fill that very dark hole with love and light.  I thank Him for you all every day, and know that without you, I would not have the courage to continue this journey.   So, thank you for your love and honesty.

I shall keep focused, and continue to work on my fruits.   Staying focused on self-control, Water, exercise, no eating after 8:00 and…keep on praying, oh, and no more bags of Cheetos in the house…..I am way WAY to weak for that.

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  1. Recognizing your Cheetos weakness & a friend that doesn’t take excuses: you’ve had a banner week! Keep on keeping on.

  2. We all need friends to say “Wow” to us once in awhile I personally think we say it to ourselves in a negative way, way too often. Thanks for posting.

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