7 has always been my favorite number. As a kid it was my go to number anytime I was choosing between 1 and10. This week, it has become a number that holds a very signifigant meaning. I hit my 6 month post surgery this week, and I am closing in on a milestone. SEVEN pounds from now I will have lost 100 lbs. That seems so surreal to me. I am approaching a weight that I haven’t seen in a very long time, and I am letting myself be excited.

  In April of last year, I got on a scale and looked at 329lbs, and a very unhappy person. This week, stepping onto my scale (okay, I stepped on and off three different times..just to be sure), the scale read 236lbs. How amazing is that!!! My goal was to be to this point by April, now I am finding that I can look beyond that…and start, gulp..dreaming of life under the 2’s. 16 years. Thats how long it has been since I have seen a 1 as the first number in my weight, and I can’t express how excited I am that it is creaping nearer and nearer. I have long term goals, and short term reality checks. This weeks reality check will be to get my body moving. No more making excuses that going up and down the stairs to deliver laundry and put away boxes is exercise. LOL. I have made protein shakes my friend again, and now Bob and I must get reaquainted. That is my reality check…and I am sticking to it!!

       My husband and I have been looking at our vacation plans for this Summer. We have a wedding in Virginia and his 20 year High School reunion in San Diego. Both are seeing people we haven’t been around in quite a while, and I would REALLY like to blow them away. My long term GOAL… looking FORWARD to bathing suit season. This time around…I may actually stand in front of the camera =)


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  1. Awesome! That is just Awesome! I’m teary-eyed happy for you!

  2. so proud of you, I just can’t say it enough! Love you, sis Wu!

  3. 7 is a small number. Have fun with Bob! Looking forward to celebrating with you this summer…although I might not be so excited about the bathing suit and camera combo.

  4. So very happy for you! 😀 You’re an amazing woman with so much strength and talent, not to mention personality. You baby rock! Keep on keepin’ on!

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