One of my all time favorite quotes is by Martin Luther King, Jr.  He said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

By faith I have taken some great steps.  I was fitted and bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday.  I have signed up for a 10K in April – and have a 5K to run this weekend.  I am learning to have faith in myself.  I know that the faith that fuels me is ultimately from God, but I have to stand on that faith…and I’m doing better.  I am known for keeping my promises to others, but I rarely keep them to myself.  It’s so easy for me to let myself off.  This will be the last chip, no this will… I will workout later today…or tomorrow…or I won’t eat after this time…or I will get to bed by such and such.  I regularly lie to myself.  Faith in what I say to myself dwindles.

Last week I decided it needed to change.  I would give myself a reason to believe what I say to myself.  I decided to have faith that I could and would do what I’d promised myself to do.  And I did.  I worked out every day I said I would. I even signed up for a trainer at the Y and plan to schedule that in on Thursdays when Tman is at school.  I got my treadmill out of my bedroom and into my front room and actually used it!  I found accountability partners in my exercise/runs.  I ate responsibly.  I drank at least 6 glasses of water a day and had 16 oz before I let myself have a Diet Coke.

Until the weekend!  That’s when I gave myself some leeway and unfortunately took advantage of it.  I stayed up too late, which prompted me to allow myself to eat later.  I drank way too much DC.  This is my “week” and I regularly get the super munchies just before.  I’m learning to watch my body and recognize my areas of weakness.  Once I pegged the reason down, I’ve done better at resisting.  I’m back on track today, the beginning of a new week and after a rather successful week, I find I have even more faith in myself that this will also be a good week.  I’m taking it one step up that staircase at a time.  Even though I don’t see the end, I know I want to get there and it won’t happen without starting my way up.

With the 5K this weekend, I am changing things up a bit.  I will run on Mon and Wed, do some cross training exercise on Tue and Thurs and take Friday completely off. Saturday I hope to run like the wind…we’ll have to wait and see how fast it happens to be blowing that day.

I’m keeping my water plan in place.  I really do feel more full, and healthier when I do.

I will not eat after 9 (yes, I bumped it up a bit)

I will not eat out during the week  (weekend plans to eat out already)

I have consistently stayed in the low 170’s and really hope to make my way into the 160’s.  By keeping my promises to myself, I hope that will come within the next couple of weeks.



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  1. You nailed my problem on the head. I find that on Sunday evenings I’m telling myself that Sunday is my “free” day anyway. This is so hard! Lying to ourselves doesn’t do us any good. Glad you are back on track! Excited for your 5K this weekend, too!!!

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